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I fell hard for a man in 2014 but I freaked out and dumped him (twice) but we stayed friends and he has been my best friend for the last three years while he told me that he still loved me but he finally gave up on me and has met someone else and I realize now that I’ve loved him all along (somehow everyone knew this but me) and it’s too late and I wasted three years not being with him, THREE YEARS, and I am dying of a broken heart.

I kept trying to date other guys but no one ever came close to touching my heart like he does and every time my phone dinged, EVERY TIME, I hoped it was a text from him. Why didn’t I figure it out? Why was I so stupid? Why didn’t I listen to my heart and my feelings instead of my stupid brain that kept telling me that we were too different and that he’d be better off with someone else??

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  1. Richard

    Heartfelt sympathy. The least I can do – given the deep enjoyment your recordings have afforded my students and me over the years – is to refer you to these two wonderful pieces, only superficially opposed in their approach to what ails you at present. They both have a lot to teach us.

    By the way, I do not recommend Alain’s book on this subject: the recording is far more amusing and hopeful; the book is a little grueling.

    Chin up, Kara, as Sally might have said.


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