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funny stuff. email me if you know of something funny i should add.   

lileks.com: there's so much here...
ROFLMAO at emotioneric! god i laughed SO HARD!
go here and enjoy: www.dancingpaul.com
www.bad-candy.com: turok sent me here. make sure you read Fizzy Milk!
the institute of good cheer -- the gallery of regrettable food is particularly funny :)
fighting robots! -- don't forget to visit the department of fake robots and of course the make-and-do section
evil empire -- rules to live by if you are an Arch Villain
www.robotfrank.com -- i am robot kara!
AYB.swf -- all your base are belong to us. all your base your base base base oom zig oom zig! god this is cool/funny.
more all your base stuff
internet junkie? -- yeah, i am... heheh :)
thanks to dan parsons and nyip.net for web hosting and shells. email me: me@kayray.org