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Kara's Free Audiobooks

This page is no longer being updated. Please visit the "audiobooks" section of my new blog at http://kayray.org/category/audiobooks/.

For download links to my recordings, see http://kayray.org/my-recordings/. Thanks!

Welcome to Kara's Free Audio Books Podcast! I've always enjoyed reading out loud, especially children's books. Inspired by librivox, for which I am a volunteer reader, I've decided to create my own podcast of free audio books for kids. Since I must choose books that are out of copyright, my selection is limited to books published before 1923 -- but there are still a lot of good ones to choose from!

Each file that I record will have the librivox disclaimer at the beginning, because I plan to share my files with them and I want to stick to their format. I'll be podcasting files encoded at 64kbps, to save bandwidth. If you'd like to listen to higher-quality mp3s or oggs, please see the catalog link at the right.

Current Podcast: Our Island Story, by H. E. Marshall

The Road to Oz
A Little Princess
The Secret Garden
Our Island Story, Part 1


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August 26, 2006
Oops. Let's catch up, shall we? :)
The Last of the Romans
The Story of St. Alban
Vortigern and King Constans
The Coming of Hengist and Horsa
Hengist's Treachery
How the Giant's Dance was Brought to Britain
The Coming of Arthur
The Founding of the Round Table
Gregory and the Pretty Children
How King Alfred Learned to Read
(though there's really no need to depend on my memory... you can get the entire first half of the book by following the link on the right)
August 4, 2006
I'm obviously having a hard time remembering to update this page :) I do remember to update my actual podcast, but this page just slips my mind. Sorry 'bout that. Anyway... the current podcast is Our Island Story, by H. E. Marshall. It's a children's history of England. Great stuff! Here are the first 6 chapters:

The Stories of Albion and Brutus
The Coming of the Romans
The Romans Come Again
How Caligula Conquered Britain
The Story of a Warrior Queen

The only other thing you'll miss if you're not a podcast subscriber is the little message I sent out last week or so... here's a link. Message from Kara, July 23, 2006. There. Now you're all caught up. I hope you enjoy Our Island Story!
July 5, 2006
Oops. Well. If you're subscribed to my podcast feed, you've already heard the end of the book. If you depend on downloading the chapters from this page, well, I apologize for forgetting to update here! Instead of my pasting a dozen links here, just click this link: Heidi, by Johanna Spyri. You can get all the chapters you missed there.

I've been working hard on recording my next book for you. It's a children's history of England, told through little stories. A little fact, a little fairy-tale, a little legend. It's old, of course, written in 1905, but still mostly relevant and very entertaining! There are 111 short chapters, and I've just recorded number 45. I'll be splitting the book in half -- the first half read only by me, the second half alternating chapters with my LibriVox friend, Jim. I'll start podcasting and posting chapters here in a week or two.
May 17, 2006
Another two chapters of Heidi for you.
Heidi, Chapter 8 - There is Great Commotion on the Large House
Heidi, Chapter 9 - Herr Sesemann hears of Things Which Are New to Him

I've begun recording my next book, which is "Our Island Story" - an Edwardian-era children's history of England, told through stories! I think you'll like it. I'm enjoying it a lot so far!
May 8, 2006
Two more chapters for you. I've finally finished recording this book!
Heidi, Chapter 6 - A New Chapter about New Things
Heidi, Chapter 7 - Fraulein Rottenmeier Spends an Uncomfortable Day
April 28, 2006
Aunt Dete returns...
Heidi, Chapter 5 - Two Visits and What Came of Them
April 27, 2006
Three more chapters for you:
Heidi, Chapter 2 - At Home with Grandfather
Heidi, Chapter 3 - Out with the Goats
Heidi, Chapter 4 - The Visit to Grandmother
April 4, 2006
A new book begins! Hope you enjoy it :)
Heidi, Chapter 1 - Up the Mountain to Alm Uncle
Mar 25, 2006
Once again, I forgot to update this page with my podcasted chapters :) So here are the last four chapters of The Secret Garden for you!
The Secret Garden, chapter 24 - Let Them Laugh
The Secret Garden, chapter 25 - The Curtain
The Secret Garden, chapter 26 - "It's Mother!"
The Secret Garden, chapter 27 - In the Garden
Mar 15, 2006
The Secret Garden, chapter 23 - Magic
Mar 13, 2006
Bah. I really do update my actual podcast on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. I just keep forgetting to update this page! Here's another batch of links for you non-podcast folks :)
The Secret Garden, chapter 18 - "Tha' Munnot Waste no Time"
The Secret Garden, chapter 19 - "It Has Come!"
The Secret Garden, chapter 20 - "I Shall Live Forever and Ever!"
The Secret Garden, chapter 21 - Ben Weatherstaff
The Secret Garden, chapter 22 - When the Sun Went Down
We're nearly done with this book! I hope you're enjoying it. I've begun working on my next podcast book, "Heidi," and have just recorded chapter 4.
Mar 01, 2006
The Secret Garden, chapter 16 - "I Won't" said Mary
The Secret Garden, chapter 17 - A Tantrum
Feb 24, 2006
The Secret Garden, chapter 14 - A Young Rajah
The Secret Garden, chapter 15 - Nest Building
February 21, 2006
Ugh, I forgot to update this page everytime I released a new episode of my podcast! Well, here you go:
The Secret Garden, chapter 7 - The Key to the Garden
The Secret Garden, chapter 8 - The Robin who Showed the Way
The Secret Garden, chapter 9 - The Strangest House Anyone Ever Lived In
The Secret Garden, chapter 10 - Dickon
The Secret Garden, chapter 11 - The Nest of the MIssel Thrush
The Secret Garden, chapter 12 - Might I Have a Bit of Earth?
The Secret Garden, chapter 13 - I Am Colin
February 3, 2006
The Secret Garden, chapter 6 - There Was Someone Crying, There Was!
February 1, 2006
The Secret Garden, chapter 5 - The Cry in the Corridor
January 30, 2006
The Secret Garden, chapter 4 - Martha
January 27, 2006
The Secret Garden, chapter 3 - Across the Moor
January 25, 2006
The Secret Garden, chapter 2 - Mistress Mary Quite Contrary
January 23, 2006
The Secret Garden podcast has begun! I've finished the first 10 chapters, so I'll start podcasting them for you now, and hope I can get the rest of the book finished over the next few weeks. So, here's chapter one - "There Is No One Left".

The Secret Garden: Chapter one
January 15, 2006
*whew* forgive me for not updating this for so long. I had some health issues in early January, and then librivox.org got so busy that I was spending all my computer time taking care of things there. If you're a podcast subscriber, you'll have heard the final chapter of "A Little Princess" already (I did manage to update the podcast file) If you're not, I'll post all the remaining files here for you:

chapter 13
chapter 14
chapter 15
chapter 16
chapter 17
chapter 18
chapter 19

Our next book will be "The Secret Garden". I'm not quite ready to begin podcasting that, but I hope to begin next week. Thanks for listening!
December 26, 2005
Chapter twelve: The Other Side of the Wall
December 23, 2005
Chapter eleven: Ram Dass
December 21, 2005
Chapter ten: The Indian Gentleman
December 19, 2005
Chapter nine: Melchisedec
December 16, 2005
Chapter eight: In the Attic
December 14, 2005
Chapter seven. Better have a hankie handy... and don't worry, the book has a happy ending!
Chapter seven: The Diamond Mines Again
December 12, 2005
Here's chapter six, "The Diamond Mines." Due to complaints about sound quality from a certain ten-year-old, I'm now podcasting files encoded at 64kbps instead of only 40. Hope that sounds a bit better :)
Chapter six: The Diamond Mines
December 9, 2005
Chapter five. We are introduced to Becky, the little maid-of-all-work.
Chapter five: Becky
December 7, 2005
Chapter four. Lottie hasn't got any mama!
Chapter four: Lottie
December 5, 2005
Chapter three. Sara meets Ermengarde, and Ermengarde meets Emily.
Chapter three: Ermengarde
Dec 2, 2005
Chapter two. I don't really know how to pronounce the French bits in this chapter, so I did my best. I suppose I don't sound much better than Ermengarde! (You'll meet her in the next chapter)
Chapter two: A French Lesson
Nov 30, 2005
Today we start a new and wonderful book: "A Little Princess." It's an old favorite of mine and I've read it countless times. The author, Frances Hodgson Burnett, also wrote The Secret Garden -- another superb book which you should read if you enjoy this one. "A Little Princess" does get pretty sad in the middle, but it has a wonderfully happy ending so don't despair! I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed making the recordings. Email me and tell me what you think!
Chapter One: Sara
Nov 28, 2005
Chapter twenty-four of The Road to Oz - the last chapter! We'll be starting a new book (A Little Princess)on Wednesday.
Chapter Twenty-four -- The Birthday Celebration
Nov 25, 2005
Chapter twenty-three of The Road to Oz.
Chapter Twenty-three -- The Grand Banquet
Nov 23, 2005
Chapter twenty-two of The Road to Oz.
Chapter Twenty-two -- Important Arrivals
Nov 22, 2005
Judging by my access logs, I've got about 550 subscribers! I'd love to hear from some of you...
Nov 21, 2005
Chapter twenty-one of The Road to Oz.
Chapter Twenty-one -- Dorothy Receives the Guests
Nov 18, 2005
Chapter twenty of The Road to Oz.
Chapter Twenty -- Princess Ozma of Oz
Nov 16, 2005
Chapter nineteen of The Road to Oz.
Chapter Nineteen -- The Shaggy Man's Welcome
Nov 14, 2005
Chapter eighteen of The Road to Oz.
Chapter Eighteen -- The Emerald City
Nov 11, 2005
Chapter seventeen of The Road to Oz.
Chapter Seventeen -- The Royal Chariot Arrives
Nov 9, 2005
Chapter sixteen of The Road to Oz.
Chapter Sixteen -- Visiting the Pumpkin Field
Nov 6, 2005
Chapter fifteen of The Road to Oz.
Chapter Fifteen -- The Emperor's Tin Castle
Nov 4, 2005
Chapter fourteen of The Road to Oz.
Chapter Fourteen -- Tik-Tok and Billina
Nov 2, 2005
Chapter thirteen of The Road to Oz. Hope you're enjoying it!
Chapter Thirteen -- The Truth Pond
Oct 30, 2005
Chapter twelve. Nifty sand-sled-boat thing, huh?
Chapter Twelve -- The Deadly Desert Crossed
Oct 28, 2005
Chapter eleven.
Chapter Eleven -- Johnny Dooit Does It
Oct 26, 2005
Chapter ten. Our friends escape the Scoodlers!
Chapter Ten -- Escaping the Soup-Kettle
Oct 23, 2005
Ninth chapter of The Road to Oz. The Scoodlers are creepy, but I think they're kind of cool!
Chapter Nine -- Facing the Scoodlers
Oct 22, 2005
Well, it's probably time for me to start recording my next book. Any suggestions? Remember, it has to be in the public domain. (if it's on Project Gutenberg, it's fair game) Email me your suggestions! audiobooks[at]kayray.org
Oct 21, 2005
Eighth chapter of The Road to Oz:
Chapter Eight -- The Musicker
Oct 19, 2005
Seventh chapter of The Road to Oz:
Chapter Seven -- The Shaggy Man's Transformation
Oct 16, 2005
Sixth chapter of The Road to Oz. Enjoy!
Chapter Six -- The City of Beasts
Oct 14, 2005
Fifth chapter of The Road to Oz. In this chapter, lovely Polychrome joins the party!
Chapter Five -- The Rainbow's Daughter
Oct 12, 2005
And now, by popular demand, chapter four of The Road to Oz! Poor little Button-Bright...
Chapter Four -- King Dox
Oct 9, 2005
Here's the third chapter of The Road to Oz:
Chapter Three -- A Queer Village
Oct 8, 2005
And now the second chapter of The Road to Oz:
Chapter Two -- Dorothy Meets Button-Bright
Oct 5, 2005
For my first book I've chosen "The Road to Oz" by L. Frank Baum. My sister and I loved the Oz books when we were little! We owned several paperback reprints with lovely original Art Nouveau illustrations. There are lots of wonderful characters in this book -- the kindly Shaggy Man, stupid little Button-Bright, Polychrome (the Rainbow's Daughter), and of course Dorothy and Toto! Here's the first chapter for you:
Chapter One -- The Way to Butterfield

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