Helen Cresswell

Here are the first five books in The Bagthope Saga by Helen Cresswell. I discovered The Bagthorpes as a gradeschooler and I’ve loved them ever since. So terrifically funny, and they were one of my first experiences British humor!

Here’s a very old recording of “Ordinary Jack”, Part 1 of the hilarious Bagthorpe Saga


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Ordinary Jack 01-01
Ordinary Jack 01-02
Ordinary Jack 02-01
Ordinary Jack 03-01
Ordinary Jack 04-01
Ordinary Jack 04-02
Ordinary Jack 05-01
Ordinary Jack 05-02
Ordinary Jack 05-03
Ordinary Jack 06-01
Ordinary Jack 06-02
Ordinary Jack 07-01
Ordinary Jack 07-02
Ordinary Jack 08-01
Ordinary Jack 08-02
Ordinary Jack 09-01
Ordinary Jack 09-02
Ordinary Jack 09-03
Ordinary Jack 10-01
Ordinary Jack 10-02
Ordinary Jack 10-03
Ordinary Jack 11-01
Ordinary Jack 11-02
Ordinary Jack 12-01
Ordinary Jack 12-02
Ordinary Jack 13-01
Ordinary Jack 13-02
Ordinary Jack 13-03
Ordinary Jack 14-01
Ordinary Jack 14-02
Ordinary Jack 15-01
Ordinary Jack 15-02
Ordinary Jack 15-03
Ordinary Jack 15-04

Next is “Absolute Zero” by Helen Cresswell. This is one of the funniest books I’ve ever read. It’s the second book in the wonderful Bagthorpe Saga.


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Absolute Zero 1a
Absolute Zero 1b
Absolute Zero 2a
Absolute Zero 2b
Absolute Zero 2c
Absolute Zero 3a
Absolute Zero 3b
Absolute Zero 4a
Absolute Zero 4b
Absolute Zero 5a
Absolute Zero 5b
Absolute Zero 6a
Absolute Zero 6b
Absolute Zero 7a
Absolute Zero 7b
Absolute Zero 8a
Absolute Zero 8b
Absolute Zero 9a
Absolute Zero 9b
Absolute Zero 10a
Absolute Zero 10b
Absolute Zero 11a
Absolute Zero 11b
Absolute Zero 12a
Absolute Zero 12b
Absolute Zero 13a
Absolute Zero 13b
Absolute Zero 14a
Absolute Zero 14b
Absolute Zero 14c
Absolute Zero 15a
Absolute Zero 15b
Absolute Zero 15c

Bagthorpes Unlimited, the 3rd part of the Bagthorpe Saga!


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Bagthorpes Unlimited 01-01
Bagthorpes Unlimited 01-02
Bagthorpes Unlimited 02-01
Bagthorpes Unlimited 02-02
Bagthorpes Unlimited 03-01
Bagthorpes Unlimited 03-02
Bagthorpes Unlimited 04-01
Bagthorpes Unlimited 04-02
Bagthorpes Unlimited 05-01
Bagthorpes Unlimited 05-02
Bagthorpes Unlimited 05-03
Bagthorpes Unlimited 06-01
Bagthorpes Unlimited 06-02
Bagthorpes Unlimited 07-01
Bagthorpes Unlimited 07-02
Bagthorpes Unlimited 08-01
Bagthorpes Unlimited 08-02
Bagthorpes Unlimited 09-01
Bagthorpes Unlimited 09-02
Bagthorpes Unlimited 10-01
Bagthorpes Unlimited 10-02
Bagthorpes Unlimited 10-03
Bagthorpes Unlimited 11-01
Bagthorpes Unlimited 11-02
Bagthorpes Unlimited 12-01
Bagthorpes Unlimited 12-02
Bagthorpes Unlimited 13-01
Bagthorpes Unlimited 13-02
Bagthorpes Unlimited 14-01
Bagthorpes Unlimited 14-02
Bagthorpes Unlimited 14-03
Bagthorpes Unlimited 15-01
Bagthorpes Unlimited 15-02

And also Bagthorpes Vs. The World, the 4th part of the Bagthorpe Saga. The Bagthorpes’ foray into Self-Sufficiency is hilariously familiar to me, as my parents were, for a time, hippies with a wood stove and a garden on a mountain… ;-)


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Bagthorpes Vs The World 01-01
Bagthorpes Vs The World 01-02
Bagthorpes Vs The World 01-03
Bagthorpes Vs The World 02-01
Bagthorpes Vs The World 02-02
Bagthorpes Vs The World 03-01
Bagthorpes Vs The World 03-02
Bagthorpes Vs The World 04-01
Bagthorpes Vs The World 04-02
Bagthorpes Vs The World 05-01
Bagthorpes Vs The World 05-02
Bagthorpes Vs The World 06-01
Bagthorpes Vs The World 06-02
Bagthorpes Vs The World 07-01
Bagthorpes Vs The World 07-02
Bagthorpes Vs The World 08-01
Bagthorpes Vs The World 08-02
Bagthorpes Vs The World 09-01
Bagthorpes Vs The World 09-02
Bagthorpes Vs The World 10-01
Bagthorpes Vs The World 10-02
Bagthorpes Vs The World 11-01
Bagthorpes Vs The World 11-02
Bagthorpes Vs The World 12-01
Bagthorpes Vs The World 12-02
Bagthorpes Vs The World 13-01
Bagthorpes Vs The World 13-02
Bagthorpes Vs The World 14-01
Bagthorpes Vs The World 14-02
Bagthorpes Vs The World 15-01
Bagthorpes Vs The World 15-02
Bagthorpes Vs The World 16-01
Bagthorpes Vs The World 16-02
Bagthorpes Vs The World 16-03
Bagthorpes Vs The World 17-01

The Bagthorpes Abroad, by Helen Cresswell. The fifth book in the Bagthorpe Saga.


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Bagthorpes Abroad Chapter 01
Bagthorpes Abroad Chapter 02
Bagthorpes Abroad Chapter 03
Bagthorpes Abroad Chapter 04
Bagthorpes Abroad Chapter 05
Bagthorpes Abroad Chapter 06
Bagthorpes Abroad Chapter 07
Bagthorpes Abroad Chapter 08
Bagthorpes Abroad Chapter 09
Bagthorpes Abroad Chapter 10
Bagthorpes Abroad Chapter 11
Bagthorpes Abroad Chapter 12
Bagthorpes Abroad Chapter 13
Bagthorpes Abroad Chapter 14
Bagthorpes Abroad Chapter 15

These books are very hard to find in the USA. I was lucky enough to find the first four in my childhood library, and then I bought used copies on Amazon a few years ago. If you buy them, try to find the ones with the cover art I’ve shown you, by Trina Schart Hyman. It’s absolutely perfect.