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Laura Ingalls Wilder

The Long Winter, with special guest audiobook narrator, my Cousin Chloe! She recorded this for us during the Covid-19 Lockdown of 2020.

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01 Make Hay While the Sun Shines
02 An Errand to Town
03 Fall of the Year
04 October Blizzard
05 After the Storm
06 Indian Summer
07 Indian Warning
08 Settled in Town
09 Cap Garland
10 Three Days’ Blizzard
11 Pa Goes to Volga
12 Alone
13 We’ll Weather the Blast
14 One Bright Day
15 No Trains
16 Clear Weather
17 Seed Wheat
18 Merry Christmas
19 Where There’s a Will
20 Antelope
21 The Hard Winter
22 Cold and Dark
23 The Wheat in the Wall
24 Not Really Hungry
25 Free and Independent
26 Breathing Spell
27 For Daily Breadd
28 Four Days’ Blizzard
29 The Last Miled
30 It Can’t Beat Us
31 Waiting for the Train
32 The Christmas Barrel
33 Christmas in May