Susan Cooper

Susan Cooper: the middle three books in her 5-book “The Dark is Rising” series. You can stream them in sequence here:

The Dark is Rising, by Susan Cooper. I always reread this at Christmastime. This is the second book in the “Dark is Rising” series.

Pt1, Ch1 – Midwinter’s Eve
Pt1, Ch2 – Midwinter Day
Pt1, Ch3 – The Sign-Seeker
Pt1, Ch4 – The Walker on the Old Way
Pt2, Ch1 – Christmas Eve
Pt2, Ch2 – The Book of Gramarye
Pt2, Ch3 – Betrayal, Part 1
Pt2, Ch3 – Betrayal, Part 2
Pt2, Ch4 – Christmas Day, Part 1
Pt2, Ch4 – Christmas Day, Part 2
Pt3, Ch1 – The Coming of the Cold
Pt3, Ch2 – The Hawk in the Dark
Pt3, Ch3 – The King of Fire and Water
Pt3, Ch4 – The Hunt Rides
Pt3, Ch5 – The Joining of the Signs

Here’s another older recording, Greenwitch by Susan Cooper. This is the third book in the wonderful “Dark is Rising” series. I promise I’ll read you the first book one of these days! By the way, I mispronounced “quay” through the whole book. It should sound like “key”, not like “kay”. Sorry ’bout that :)

Greenwitch Chapter 01
Greenwitch Chapter 02
Greenwitch Chapter 03a
Greenwitch Chapter 03b
Greenwitch Chapter 04
Greenwitch Chapter 05
Greenwitch Chapter 06
Greenwitch Chapter 07
Greenwitch Chapter 08
Greenwitch Chapter 09
Greenwitch Chapter 10
Greenwitch Chapter 11
Greenwitch Chapter 12
Greenwitch Chapter 13

The Grey King, by Susan Cooper. The fourth book in the wonderful “Dark is Rising” series. So beautiful and poetic.

The Grey King 01-01 The Oldest Hills
The Grey King 01-02 Cadfan’s Way
The Grey King 01-03 The Raven Boy
The Grey King 01-04 Grey Fox
The Grey King 01-05 Fire on the Mountain
The Grey King 01-06 Bird Rock
The Grey King 01-07 Eyes That See The Wind
The Grey King 02-01 The Girl From The Mountains
The Grey King 02-02 The Grey King
The Grey King 02-03 The Pleasant Lake
The Grey King 02-04 The Warestone
The Grey King 02-05 The Cottage on the Moor
The Grey King 02-06 The Waking