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March 31st, 2001 — 10:00pm

Old Blog, March 2001:
31 march — feeling much better today. i slept very late and stayed in bed most of the day and now i’m feeling pretty good again. yay! i still feel kind of odd and weak. i wish someone would bring me some more grapefruit juice. i finished the whole tank.

30 march — i woke up at 5am with a bad sore throat. went back to sleep, had wierd dreams and woke myself up several times by talking in my sleep. i still feel awful. i had to cancel henry’s playdate with brian, and he was terribly disappointed, but then it turned out sally has free time today and karin is going to drive all the way up here to oceanside and meet her and henry somewhere so the kids can play. last night i added a bunch of software to my palmstuff page and now i’m going to work on that some more. thank goodness for my laptop and my ethernet. ow my throat is burning. :(

29 march — i got up at 7am and drove down to SD to get henry and fell asleep again while i was waiting for him to wake up. when we got back to oceanside we went to einstein brothers bagels and bought two nice fresh chewy bagels — chocolate chip for henry and plain for me. mine was still warm from being in the oven. i gave henry a bath, a hairwash, and a haircut today and he looks really nice. ok, time for yardwork.

28 march — we had a busy day! we ran errands for sally in the morning, and met talon and his mom at the mcdonalds at lunchtime and the boys played on the play structure for hours. in the afternoon we loaded some more kyle’s quest levels on my palm and then drove down to matthew’s house so henry could spend the night there. i came home and was SO tired i went to bed at 10:30.

27 march — henry had his first gymnastics class today and he loved it. and i loved watching him! he liked the balance beam best, he says.

26 march — i taught my mom how to use pine (linux email manager) and she likes it. yay!!! henry and i had a great time looking at his new “incredible cross-sections” book and playing kyle’s quest. he loves to watch me play kyle’s quest. it’s an RPG for palmos — we get to wander around hunting for treasure and killing monsters and buying better equipment and it’s lots of fun to have an enthusiastic watcher/helper like henry. we’ve finished two levels (“rat-trap” and “pirate”) and we are working on “no bones about it” :)

25 march — we had a wonderful time at “gondoliers” last night! henry was good as gold through the whole 2.5 hour opera. we got home at about 11:30pm and we were both wide awake, so i let him play his anatomy cd-rom and he built a whole body, and then we went to bed very late. but i couldn’t sleep so i got up after a while and stayed up til 3:00am. i thought i’d be all tired today but i woke up at ten feeling good. time to run one MILLION errands.

24 march — jrray and i saw “best in show” last night and it was really good! very very funny. christopher guest played a southerner with a bloodhound, and i almost didn’t recognize him because he sounded SO different from nigel in “spinal tap” and the very gay character he played in “waiting for guffman”. several others from the cast of “guffman” were in “best of show” and it was fun to see them all together again but playing different characters. tonight henry and susan and charlotte and i are going to see gilbert and sullivan’s “gondoliers” live at the san diego comic opera!

23 march — i am grouchy today. grrrrrrrrrr. for no reason, either. but i have had a nice day anyway. henry and i slept late and then we went to lunch with kirsten, marcos, sally, jean, carol, and mike (all my relatives) and then i ran errands and henry hung out with joe-the-handyman who is doing work for my mom. i made new vinyl screen protectors for both palms today. argh, i got bumped down to #6 on the bejeweled high- score page. but at least i am still there. going to the movies with jrray tonight.

22 march — i just got home. last night i stayed over at susan’s house so i could get henry in the morning before matthew had to go to work. henry and i then drove up to the oceanside farmers’ market to buy fruit and things, and then we came home and put everything away and made lunch and everything. and now i get to play on my computer for a while! yay! henry and i are sharing some cauliflower, and he is playing his curious george cd-roms while i do my computer stuff. henry is wonderful.

21 march — henry and i went to a place called giminny kids to see about gymnastics classes for him. the place was really nice, with lots of fun equipment and a pleasant-seeming staff. we enrolled henry in the “super-crickets” class — his first session is next tuesday at 1:30 and there will only be 6 kids in the class. he is looking forward to it very much and keeps asking me when tuesday will come. :)

20 march — well we went to henry’s dental appointment only to find that the rolling blackouts had affected that part of town and our appointment had to be cancelled. so we’re going to try again tomorrow. and then we went to the library and got a video of the Gilbert and Sullivan operetta we are going to next weekend (gondoliers). it is HOT today. yuck. i have to do laundry, too.

19 march — henry and i had a busy day! we ran errands for my mom (bank, PO, costco, grocery store) and made lunch, and then we went to family fun center and played miniature golf together (both courses!) and then we came back and made dinner and watched the simpsons and then we went to morris practice! and we just got home and now i must put him to bed. oh, irq taught me to play bzflag today! it’s a tank battle game… senseless and entertaining. we had fun playing.

18 march — i slept REALLY well last night. i was totally worn out from all that hiking. i finished my pizza today and taught some little piano students for my mom, so she could hang out with my visiting grandparents. i felt quite happy today. last night i stayed up late working on a little php project that worked beautifully. i’m all proud of myself. oh, i found a new app for my palm! it’s called tidetool and it gives you detailed info about the high and low tides on your area. i am happy to have it; i think it will be fun to take henry to the beach at various tides so he can see how different it is sometimes. if you really care, you can go read about it on my palmstuff page.

17 march — went for a two-hour hike with darren, in the cuyamacas. it was really beautiful there, with patches of snow under the trees still. man am i out of shape! i ordered a papa john’s pizza over the interweb for dinner — it was ok but not great.

16 march — i had dinner with the selvigs and spent the night at their house. very fun! susan made this good thing with mushrooms, shallots, garlic, and port. after dinner i watched “birth of a nation” with charlotte (man, it was wierd) and cleaned out my laptop. and i finished rat-trap (great kyle’s quest level) before i went to sleep!

15 march — well, i got my DSL rebate… let’s see if the check clears. don’t hold your breath. henry and i started reading “henry and the paper route” by beverly cleary. my how he loves the henry huggins books! and i like them too.

14 march — today is pi day. henry and i walked to the store to pick up our photos but they haven’t come back yet. grrrrr. they were supposed to be in before 4 yesterday. why do they bother to post drop-off/return times when they have to relation to reality? henry was very good on our walk and did not complain or whine at all. we bought some strawberries on the way home and, my, they were good. we like to make strawberries-and-cream.

13 march — last night at morris practice we taught henry to dance “country gardens” and he did really well, for a total beginner. today i cleaned up the back yard; it was quite a big job. and we went to the library at night and got tons of books and a couple of new books-on-tape for henry — “mary poppins” and “wind in the willows”. henry is singing his own version of “in the pines” and it goes like this: “my girl, my girl, where did you sleep, don’t you know that it’s poisonous?”

12 march — henry and i went to a really great park near here. it’s in an old eucalyptus grove, and there’s a playground by the parking lot but then trails leading through the grove, all over a hillside and in some canyons. henry goes there with sally a lot, but i’d never been exploring there before today. we walked all over, and henry showed me a rope swing tied to a tree on the side of a hill — some big kids must have made it — and he swung there for ages. it was much more fun than anything in the actual playground. :) and we took a long hike and saw a big lizard basking in the sun on the side of a tree. tonight we are going to go to morris dancing practice! oh, and we watched sunday night’s simpsons twice this afternoon (i always tape it) and we both laughed really hard. it was the one where lisa isolates poindextrose, the bully-attracting pheromone. lol!

11 march — i got! yay!

10 march — i have several new .mp3s that make me very happy, stuff like “sh-boom” and “crazy ’bout ya baby” and “step by step” by the crests. nice old corny mushy music. i dunno, it just makes me feel better somehow.

9 march — cold and rainy! yay! we went to the pacific bell switching station for a tour with some of the homeschoolers. we saw lots of cool equipment and learned things about the phone company. henry liked going down into the cable vault — he said it was like a subway tunnel without the trains. and he got a piece of purple phone company wire to take home. :)

7 march — i bought new super-innersole things for my boots, and my feet actually hurt less. henry and i went to the zoo this afternoon and had a lovely time. we saw the gorilla family right up close to the glass, and we went through the new aviary and saw lots of lovely birds, and we rode the skyride and it was COLD :)

6 march 2001 — henry and i went to the Museum of Making Music this morning with a group of other homeschoolers. they had about 100 years worth of musical instruments, plus music-making stuff like player pianos and victrolas and a theramin and Moog synthesizers! it was super-neat.

5 march 2001 — this morning we went to swami’s beach in encinitas and met a small group of homeschoolers there and explored the tidepools. the day was beautiful and sunny, and not too hot. we found little hermit crabs and the shell of a large crab and part of a lobster shell and some barnacles and a little shrimpy-thing, and we had a great time. :)

4 march 2001 — torquil and i have been watching the harry potter trailer obsessively. you can get it from we are so excited! it looks REALLY good; there only a few minor flaws, and they seem to have gotten a lot of things right!.

2 march 2001 — i just went to and just about died laughing. go there go there go there now! i went to bed early but i couldn’t sleep so now i’m up too late again. oh well.

1 march 2001 — nutella is a good food. grapefruit juice is a good drink. i wish i had some grapefruit juice right now.

28 feb 2001 — henry and i went to the zoo today in the rain and it was lovely. we saw the monkeys and all the snakes and lizards and things like that. i liked the little monitor lizards. henry has his first loose tooth. :)

26 feb 2001 — i bought fresh blueberries but they are kind of sour. i also bought instant mashed potatoes in little cups.

25 feb 2001 — ok still working on this webpage. it’s getting better now. my ice cream was too hard but now it is all melty.

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