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November 2001

November 30th, 2001 — 3:57pm

nov 30 — henry and i made a cell phone out of erector set pieces! it was his idea, and his idea to make it fold up. it’s really neat :)

nov 29 — george harrison died today, of lung cancer.

nov 28 — in gymnastics today i got to try a back handspring, and i almost achieved a pullover. :) here are the winners of the 2001 Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest! lol @ the star trek ones and oh so many others. golly it was cold last night! i wore my wool thermals and had my big feather comforter but i woke up in the night from cold, anyway, so tonight i think i might sleep in a sleeping bag UNDER my big feather comforter.

nov 27 — henry lost a filling so i took him to the dentist this morning so they could fix it, and then we went to the wild animal park together and saw the wonderful bird show and rode the monorail, and had a lovely time together. in the afternoon dan and i picked up karen-the-cat from the vet — she is doing well and is not picking at her incision. she is a lovely, elegant, sweet-natured cat.

nov 26 — took karen-the-cat to the vet in the morning for her anti-kitten operation, then went to trader joe for blintz ingredients, then made blintzes for breakfast (i will post my recipe soon; they are delicious and not difficult at all), then henry and i went to the bank and the other store, then we went home and made lunch, then went back out for the mail, then did all kinds of things for the rest of the day. :) we’re so glad henry is home! i found a couple of wonderful links — one is a list of links for paper models to print out, and the other, from the same site, is a list of paper doll links! i surfed around here for ages last night, wishing for a color printer.

nov 24 — we just got back from camping at silverwood lake recreation area — we left early because it became brutally cold and began to rain harder and harder. but we had a good night there last night and fun there this morning. but lordy it was cold last night! we’re going to wait til spring to camp again i think, and we’ll go back to cuyamaca instead of silverwood lake. cuyamaca is prettier and more peaceful and has better hiking. and its closer. it’s pouring rain here this evening. we’re going to install linux on my new big laptop hard drive and watch seinfeld.

nov 23 — here’s another song for you: aretha franklin — mr. bigstuff. groovy! is it possible not to dance when you hear it? :)

nov 22 — happy thanksgiving! oops, missed a few days there :) been really busy. on the 19th we saw U2 in los angeles! lots of fun. “no doubt” was the opening band and they sucked rocks, but U2 made up for it. we had a great time! we found the staples center without getting lost, we parked, we were plenty early. they wouldn’t let dan take his camera into the show, but we pretty much expected that. the staples center was huge and clean and they had about 3 women’s rooms for every men’s room, which shows that someone was thinking when they designed it. U2 was great — what more can i say! all the same, there’s something unsatisfying about arena concerts… they’re just too big or something, too impersonal. but if you want to see U2, that’s where you go. yesterday henry went off to san francisco with matthew and his parents for the holiday, so things are pretty quiet around here. we got the U2 elevation tour concert DVD yesterday so we watched that (really wonderful DVD) and also rented “double indemnity” with fred macmurray and barbra stanwyck — great old movie from the 40s. tomorrow we’re going camping with sally so i have a lot of stuff to do today!

nov 16 — we took henry to the park yesterday and today! got his bike seat raised up and he is getting really good at starting and steering and everything :) the three of us went to see Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone tonight and it was great! amazing! they did a good job and made it not suck. yay!

nov 14 — we took henry to the park yesterday to practice riding his bike and he totally got the hang of it! he did better than ever before. we need to raise the seat for him, which is hard as the nuts are rusty, but dan thinks he can do it with the help of some WD-40. we were really proud of him. he did great in his karate class too. i’m still thinking about maybe taking karate, but my schedule is so busy that i’m not sure if maybe having another thing to be on time for wouldn’t be an extra stress. i don’t know. also thinking about finally spending my birthday money on a 20 gig hard drive for my laptop and dual booting into the lunix and the winders.

nov 13 — well sally got two cats on saturday… a mama and a kitten. henry named the mama “karen” and we named the kitten “lela”. she has only one eye, due to an ongoing infection — we took her to the vet for it and now she needs oral antibiotics and eyedrops, poor lela! they are nice cats. so far we are keeping them indoors so they don’t run off before they know this is home. on sunday when we went to SD to pick up henry we stopped by the needlecraft cottage in PB and i bought a nice pattern and supplies to make needlpoint christmas ornaments! they are nice folk-arty animals, not too cutsie-pie. i’ve got one almost finished already.

nov 10 — yesterday henry and i finished our little cross stitch kit. my eye hurts today for some reason, but otherwise i feel great! got lots of sleep and had a happy good time last night watching seinfeld together, etc. ;-)

nov 09 — oops, missed a few days there. i was really busy. let’s see… i discovered a new game called freeciv — i played solo, figured it all out, and just won my first game. it took four days :) here’s a screenshot of my game: the mighty english. we went to a classics for kids production of “the magic flute” yesterday and it was great. henry and i are making a little cross-stitched christmas ornament — i do most of the work, but he does the second half of the stitches now and then, and keeps me company. :)

nov 05 — camping was wonderful! the new tent was fine (huge compared to my old one) and it was just lovely up in the mountains. it rained all saturday night but we stayed dry. :) today henry and i went to the library and got a huge pile of fascinating books… we found the section of folk and fairy tales and found several good ones there, and i remembered a book i liked when i was little called “the boy who drew cats” and they had it! i’ll read it to him tonight. happy late birthday gilrain!!

nov 03 — we’re going camping today, up at cuyamaca state park. i’d better see what the weather will be like… we’ve been reading and getting really excited about the movie :) here’s another song for you — henry and i love this one. i think ken gave it to us originally: moxy_fruvus-king_of_spain.mp3

nov 02 — took henry to see “monsters, inc” today and it was really good!

nov 01 — wow it’s november! amazing how that happens. i finished reading “clouds of witness” last night, and planned a new skirt in my head… i think i’ll make it plaid, cut on the bais, and slightly flared. i saw some subtle green & brown plaid cotton at the fabric store the other day but it was rather thin so i’ll need to line it. the reason i went to the fabric store was to buy some stick-on velcro for my riovolt attachment system — i made a place to attach my riovolt to my dashboard, in front of an air vent, so i can see it while i’m driving and it doesn’t fall of my lap. works great!

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