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The Two Towers, Bk2, Ch 5

April 25th, 2014 — 4:32pm

I think I have a crush on Faramir.

The Two Towers, Book 2, Chapter 5

Two Towers Bk 2: 05 The Window on the West

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The Two Towers, Bk 2, Ch 4

April 16th, 2014 — 10:59am

Sam finally gets to see an Oliphaunt! :)

The Two Towers, Book 2, Chapter 4

Two Towers Bk 2: 04 Of Herbs and Stewed Rabbit

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Two Towers, Book 2, Ch 3

April 15th, 2014 — 10:47am

The Two Towers, Book 2, Chapter 3

Two Towers Bk 2: 03 The Black Gate is Closed

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International Tabletop Game Day

April 8th, 2014 — 8:45pm

Last Saturday was International Tabletop Game Day (or something) and there was a big event at Game Empire, my local game store. SB picked me up in the morning and we zipped over there on his little Honda and played board games with STRANGERS for a couple hours (but I survived because they were board game nerds and board game nerds are my people). First we played King of Tokyo, which I had never played before and which was quite fun, and then Carcassonne, which I own but had never played with five people! Everyone was nice and I had a good time. I would have liked to stay all day but I am trying really hard not to get overtired and freak out like I did a couple weeks ago.

Yeah my self-inflicted emotional turmoil is all resolved. Long story, but I figured out why I freaked out (which had nothing to do with SB, really) and explained and apologized and I think SB understood and he seems to have forgiven me for being a psycho idiot that night and everything is good and I am very happy to be with him :)

Yesterday was a beautiful warm sunny day, up in the 80s, so SB picked me up in the afternoon and we rode his Honda down through PB and up to La Jolla and found a beautiful grassy spot on a cliff and watched the birds and the surfers and skimboarders and even saw a sea lion making her way up the coast! It’s sooo much fun riding on the back of the little Honda. We rode down all these narrow little back streets in La Jolla and looked at the fancy houses.


And today I spent mainly lying on the couch, recovering from going out yesterday. It’s very very frustrating to know that I will pay for a couple hours of fun with, potentially, a few days of being so tired I can barely move, but oh well, that’s how it is. At least I have a comfy couch to rest on. And QuizUp to amuse me. If you have an i-device or an android device and you enjoy quiz games, install QuizUp (it’s free) and play with me! Search for “kayray” and, from among the multiple kayrays, choose the one with the same picture that’s on the top right corner of my blog here.

Oh, here’s a hat I knit a couple months ago:

2014-02-06 18.58.18

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Literal Videos

April 1st, 2014 — 9:25pm

I’m taking this super-great class on coursera, “Music’s Big Bang: The Genesis of Rock ‘n Roll” and I’m learning so much! I don’t usually do the peer-reviewed assignments for coursera classes, because in my experience my peers tend not to understand how to grade things fairly, but the assignment for this class is to make a timeline, which not only sounds like fun but will also really help me to retain the things I’ve learned.

So while looking around for free online timeline tools, I bumped into someone else’s timeline of memes. I managed not to get too distracted, but I did notice the entry for “literal videos”, which I had forgotten about. Remember those? Most of them have been taken down from youtube for copyright infringement, but I did find the first one ever made, “Take Me On”, which is pretty great, and an old favorite, “Under the Bridge”.

“Sometimes I sing under lights that are purple. Sometimes I’m shirtless, and I tilt my head…”

I managed to stop looking for Literal Videos and worked on my timeline a bunch today. By the way, there’s plenty of time for you to catch up if you want to join me in the class. We’re only three weeks in and the deadline for the weekly quizzes isn’t till the class ends in May.

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The Two Towers, Book 2, Ch 2 The Passage of the Marshes

April 1st, 2014 — 4:38pm

The Two Towers, Book 2, Chapter 2

Two Towers Bk 2: 02 The Passage of the Marshes

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