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Yay, at long last, a half-assed shower and hairwash. My old system, a bath, while less laborious than a shower has become too fatiguing. But I figured out that if I sit on my shower chair and wash my hair, the rest of me gets clean enough without expending any extra energy. Good enough and I’ll be able to manage on my own a while longer.

Ok day. Knit some, read lots. Was able to hang out in the living room this morning long enough to have some quality time with my sweetie. <3

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  1. Catharine Eastman

    Sending thoughts and love your way, as I often do, but stating it this time – it’s been a couple of days since you posted, and I hope everything’s ok. <3

  2. Henry Frigon

    I’m so grateful that she had a good final day <3

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