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September 17th, 2017 — 10:00am

That itchy bumpy rash around the Remodulin infusion site on my left thigh wasn’t getting better, so on Friday morning I started a new infusion site on my other leg. The rash still wasn’t better on Saturday and I was worried that it might be an infection so I went to Urgent Care where a nice doctor set my mind at ease. He said it’s “Post-Injection inflammatory Reaction” [EDIT: this turned out to be an incorrect diagnosis. See following post.] and prescribed an antibiotic ointment to soothe the itching. He took a swab just to be sure it’s not an infection, but he didn’t seem concerned at all. So that’s good.

I expect it started up because I’ve been using the same 4″ area on my left thigh for Remodulin infusions since May. I discovered that the pain of a new infusion site is MUCH less when you start the new site about an inch away from the old site… which is why I kept to that same area all this time.

The new infusion site on my right thigh hurts like HELL. All swollen and hot and red and extremely painful. I can hardly walk. It’s awful. But I know from experience that it won’t last more than a couple weeks and will become more tolerable within a few days.

So — I’m just icing it and trying not to move more than I have to. Ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch.

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checking in

September 15th, 2017 — 9:59am

Just checking in to say I’m still here :)

I’m still getting over the tail end of the Bakersfield Bacteria Cough. Jeeze. Also I’ve developed an itchy bumpy rash around my Remodulin infusion site. Other than that, though, I’m feeling pretty good!

I baked apple turnovers yesterday with apples from the tree in the front yard and they were delicious. I even felt well enough to do a little recording the other day. My elderly Zoom H2 Handy Recorder doesn’t play nicely with OS X Sierra when used as a USB mic, but I figured out that I can record onto the SD card and that still works fine, so I am continuing “Betsy and Tacy Go Downtown”. I’m so phlegmy that I need to stop and clear my throat every few minutes and even then I still sound funny, so I’m not doing anything for Librivox yet. But someday I’ll pick a new solo.

In other news: Henry and his lovely girlfriend Jayla are expecting a baby girl in a few weeks, so I’ll be a grandma soon! It’s very exciting, and I’ve been knitting and sewing lots of things for Tiny Babe, as 4-year-old Rosie has nicknamed her. They’ll be some sort of cousins but it will really be as if Rosie has a (part-time) little sister, which she has been wishing for, so she is thrilled :)

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