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June 30th, 2001 — 8:46am

june 30 — i helped kirsten and marcos move and clean their old house… big job! and my bad ankle started hurting again. rats, i thought it was all better. i just finished reading little house in the big woods to henry, and we are starting farmer boy (for the third time) at his request.

june 29 — took henry to visit his friend brian in lakeside… it was in the mid 90s there and dry and so horrid. karin and i just lay on the couch while the kids played. they played relatively nicely today. i got photos back — several good ones of henry in his costumes. i’ll scan them asap.

june 28 — got up early (7:30) to drive down to SD and pick up henry from matthew’s and to get a stack of divorce papers. cindy “served” them on me, and i haven’t seen her for a while so it was nice to hang out and talk and admire her house, which she has fixed up really nice now. cindy is great! anyway i spent the rest of the day filling in my half of the divorce papers. damn complicated, but i think i figured it out. kirsten and marcos and marcos’s niece taylor were here all day, and henry and taylor played and played. they all went to the mall and still aren’t back yet. !oot sknits eerhtp

june 27 — henry has made a lovely series of “cat” drawings — a cat in a turtleneck, a cat with a beard, a cat in a suit, etc. — and very soon my wonderful friend dan will be here with his scanner and i will scan in henry’s artwork so everyone can admire it! yesterday i got to talk to chloe and help her with her laptop and that was so very nice :) my life is so happy right now and getting better all the time.

june 26 — it’s HOT. we walked down the the bagel store after we read a couple more chapters of Little House ( we’re about halfway through already) and it was terribly hot. i protected myself from the sun with henry’s purple umbrella, which he says i can keep :) oh, by the way, i’ve got a new web browser called konqueror running on my linux box now, and except for a couple of little Issues, it’s really nice, much nicer than netscape in almost every possible way.

june 25 — my wonderful dr. martin’s sandal broke today, but i fixed it with a pipe-cleaner — yay me! henry and i started reading Little House in the Big Woods today.

june 24 — Duct Tape is like the Force… It has a light side and a dark side and it binds the universe together.

june 23 — (again) — look what i found! a list of the actors who do the voices on the simpsons. and as a side benefit, you can enjoy the rainbow-colored, animated “hr”s :) we finished reading Voyage of the Dawn Treader today!

june 23 — it is 2:30am and i just found rottentomatoes, a nifty movie review site. check it out :)

june 22 — it was hot today. i filled up henry’s wading pool for him and then, since i was hot and cross, i put on my bikini and got in with him and splashed and played and cooled off. i finished a roll of film — need to buy more. i think i’ll get a roll of B&W. tired tired tired. i started a new rollercoaster park today, one that starts off with a small grid of piers over water and you have to build coasters around them and stuff. fun, a bit tricky to get the coasters positioned properly.

june 21 — sally took henry to the fair today, and i stayed home and held down the fort. in the evening i took henry to the beach and we had the best time! he played in the waves in all his clothes and got thoroughly soaked and we saw dolphins swimming past! henry quote of the day: “I have a completely-wet suit!”

june 19 — we had a VERY nice day. after two days of difficult behaviour, henry was good as gold. we read out loud a LOT, went to his gymnastics class, and went to see Atlantis. dreadful movie, but it was fun to take him. he enjoyed it :)

june 18 — happy 15th birthday torquil! henry has been working on turning cartwheels and today i saw him land on his feet for the first time! we were going to go see atlantis today, but too much naughtiness occured and i got too cross with him to go do something like that. so we are going tomorrow night, if good behaviour continues (and i think it will :)

june 16 — a nice saturday. went to the library, helped write a paper, hung out with my irc friends… “DOH!” was added to the OED!

june 15 — we went to the del mar fair today! we saw the cows and henry petted a very friendly big red cow, and another was mooing and mooing. we watched the horse show for a long time and chose our favorites. we looked at the hobbies and collections and children’s art, and henry got to make some paintings to take home! there was a little farm where he was alllowed to ride around and around on a little green john deere pedal tractor and pretend to be a farmer, and there was a maze made out of a little cornfield — he ran through it many times while i rested my feet. :) we had a lovely day!

june 14 — we finished “the magician’s nephew” and started “the dawn treader”! it was sunny and nice out today; henry had fun in his wading pool. we mowed the lawn just before it got dark. no sunburn for kara. i just tracked down a java version of an OLD ascii game i used to play (for hours) on our kaypro in the early 80s: ladders. it’s so much fun to play it again :) thanks, gilrain, for reminding me of its name! i’ve been going crazy trying to remember.

june 13 — I WON! i won a gamepad in the wednesday #palmchat giveaway: 09:48PM the second winner is kayray! … i read to henry for hours today — we only have two more chapters left, and we’ll probably finish those before breakfast tomorrow.

june 12 — i made the mistake of placing a raised path around the perimeter of my square of land (rollercoaster tycoon). i thought the little people would enjoy walking all around but it only confused them and made them “lost” and suddenly my park rating plummetted. so i had to tear it down, very slowly, so the people didn’t fall off onto the empty land… took forever but i did it and now my rating is back up to around 960. :) we read five more chapters of “magician’s nephew” today!

june 11 — warm enough today for henry to play in his wading pool! and i sat nearby, in the shade, and read my book. and we played with his pattern blocks for ages, and we read the first two chapters of “the magician’s nephew” for a bedtime story.

june 10 — henry and i had “dr. seuss night” tonight. we have Cat in the Hat from the library, and we own Grinch, so we read both of them for bedtime. i really enjoy reading those two books. not all dr. seuss is of such high quality — some books have too many “silly” words and not enough story, but those two are just lovely to read. the poetry just falls off my tongue in an elegant way.

june 9 — lovely relaxing day today… slept late, stayed in my room all day helping a friend write an english paper. i’m learning more about Poe than i ever wanted to know… hmm here’s another link for you — here’s where i fall: karagraph.

june 8 — i’m cleaning our room… what a project. and henry is playing with talon; they seem to be having a nice time together, swinging on henry’s Bat Rope and playing hide and seek and stuff. have you ever heard “kompressor does not dance”? i think it’s more or less legal for me to give it to you because it’s readily available on anyway; this just saves some time. :) YOU DO NOT USE A MACINTOSH INSTEAD YOU USE A TANDY; KOMPRESSOR BREAK YOUR GLOWSTICK, KOMPRESSOR EAT YOUR CANDY! pthree got me into this song and then i got a bunch of other people hooked on it, and now it’s your turn :) lol @ turok: 08:36PM next on Ford’s recall list: the slogan “quality is job 1” since it was actually found to be job 145 … another little morsel for you: costume guy! wow, this guy knows what he likes :) thanks matthew :)

june 7 — go to this illusion and see if you can find the missing people. i found 8 of them right away but #9 took a while. lots of fun :) the main page, grand illusions, looks like fun too but i haven’t had a chance poke around much. email me if you find anything neat there! i ate a funny dinner — one slice of turkey ham, three slices of french toast, one entire can of pineapple chunks, and some raw peas. we improved henry’s robin costume today — i made a new yellow cape and a mask and some green boots, and we trimmed the bottom of his robin vest so it looks proper. he was robin all day and fought sofa-cushion bad-guys for hours.

june 6 — henry’s last junior theater class was today, so the parents were allowed to go in and watch their performance and it was a wonderful little folktale from india, and every kid had a little part and it was just so much fun to see. henry’s role was “a washerman who breaks a pot” and he did it very nicely and spoke loudly so we could hear. afterwards we played with his friends and i read, and then we waited til matthew got home and helped him clean up and now i am home.

june 5 — i bought these little cubical italian lemon-cookies from trader joe and henry and i ate so many we didn’t want any more :) we also went to the fabric store for elastic and yellow cloth. henry wants a Robin Cape, and i want to make him a few extra capes with random cloth from my cloth box. also bought him a little inflatable wading pool ($8 at target) and blew it up for him but by then it was dark and too cold for water play. he’s all happy and can’t wait for the next warm day :)

june 4 — well, i got 4 hours of sleep last night (insomnia is no fun at all) but i feel pretty good today, considering. i read the rest of “the lion the witch and the wardrobe” to henry today and i think tonight we will go to the library for “the magician’s nephew”. i was just playing the piano for a while; it’s nice to play again, haven’t played much in ages. i really enjoy playing little folk songs for henry, and he likes it too, and we sing and then he picks out the melodies for himself sometimes. we watched last night’s futurama and simpsons today; so entertaining :)

june 3 — turok recorded himself singing “i’m a believer”, and it sounds great! you can download his .mp3 (and also his cover of “til my head falls off”) at he can carry a tune :) this evening i got out my book of children’s songs (illustrated with lovely artwork) and played the piano for henry for a long time and we sang together. his favorite is the “skye boat song” and mine is “oh dear what can the matter be” (a song about worrying — how appropriate :)

june 2 — the phone rang at 9 this morning and woke us up, but we weren’t quite ready to get up so i read to henry for a long time — first “stellaluna” (oh how i hate that book) and then three chapters of “the lion, the witch, and the wardrobe” (oh how i love that book). and then matthew showed up to pick up henry and we got up and i made oatmeal and got henry ready to go. he went to the Fern Street Circus last weekend so he needed to be a clown today; i drew a red nose for him with a felt pen and he wore brown tights and a black shirt and mis-matched socks and was a wonderful little clown. i wish i could go back to NY… (later) i found a refill for my fisher space pen online, from a great site called i’m sending you to the page with my special pen on it — the shiny chrome one with no clip. i ordered a refill with brown ink. gosh it’s such a nice pen.

june 1 — ok now i’ve got my weblog on the front page here. don’t bother going to mylife.php anymore — it’ll redirect you here anyway. i had a nice day today. i actually have an appetite since i got home from my trip. i ate more than usual while i was away and i guess it changed my metabolism or something. it’s nice to feel hungry. henry and i rented a movie last night (treasure island) and we bought some donuts and we snuggled up together and watched our movie and ate donuts until we got sleepy and then we went to bed. so today we finished our donuts and watched our movie, and we played rollercoaster tycoon for ages, and we had noodles with butter and peas for lunch. yum!

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