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Mosaic Headband Pattern

June 14th, 2011 — 11:04am

I designed a sweet little headband using Barbara Walker’s “mosaic” technique, and I wrote up the pattern, made a PDF, and posted it to the Ravelry store. You can download the pattern PDF here: Mosaic Headband

The Ravelry pattern page is here: (no login required)

And now, photos!

I made the first one with green and white Risata:

After I posted it on Rav, I got a lot of compliments and even a few requests that I’d write up a pattern, so I did. And then I knit a blue and white one with Palette while following my own pattern so I could check for mistakes and confusion:



I’ve always been intimidated by mosaic knitting. The descriptions are always so wordy and I couldn’t quite believe that it would work. But when I decided to be brave and try it out on this little project, I discovered how fun and easy it is! To sum up: you follow a chart of dark and light squares. You knit across and back with only one color of yarn, then drop that color and knit back and forth with the other color. While knitting with color A, you slip any stitches which are color B on the chart. Both directions. That’s it, that’s all there is to it. Just try it!

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OK Go!

June 1st, 2011 — 3:23pm

Last night Henry and I saw OK Go in concert at UCSD! It was a fantastic show!

The concert was in a ballroom, so it was standing room only. We were the 2nd people in line so we got to stand in the center front, right at the railing which divides the band from the audience. There was no one between us and the band. It was just amazing to be that close! At one point, Damian stood on the railing right next to me and leaned out over the crowd with a microphone. The girl next to me held his hand to help him balance. He had striped socks on.

These photos are not zoomed. That’s how Damian looked from where I was standing:


And Tim:


Sorry about the awful photos; they’re just iPhone photos and I was too busy listening to bother with getting better ones. My god, they put on an great show! In addition to rocking out on all my favorite songs, they played “Return” on the handbells, which was hauntingly lovely. Oh, and they handed out 3d glasses and played a 3d film of the video for White Knuckles in the middle of the show! That was fun! The audience cheered when the dogs appeared to jump right out of the screen. And they had confetti cannons that shot out so much confetti that it was like being in a heavy snowstorm, especially in the very front row! A very simple but nifty effect.

Thank you, OK Go, for the wonderful show!

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