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Very tired so it was a stay-in-bed day, but perfectly pleasant because I felt ok to knit some and watch season 2 of Fargo. And it rained all day! Tomorrow is metolazone day so I decided that today I would drink as much liquid as I want, and enjoy a whole day of never feeling thirsty. I probably won’t breathe well while I’m sleeping tonight but what a treat it was! I drank two bottles of my homemade sparkling apple juice, one of homemade sparkling grape, and tons of delicious ice water. Ahhh to feel properly quenched for a change. Enjoy it, healthy people.

Oh I also finished winding all twelve 50g skeins of cotton yarn (for Chloe’s baby blanket) into 100gm balls, joined with the Russian Join, which is best for cottons, so that will save effort as I’m knitting.

I ate a lot today. Feeling horrible and full doesn’t bother me quite as much if I can sorta nap through it.

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  1. Kathy

    so excited to hear you have a baby blanket planned for Chloe’s baby. <3 For all sorts of reasons I bet you didn't think that would ever happen! And here you are, and here she is. I love you so much. Hope your night is ok.

  2. kara

    Yes, exactly!! I’m knitting as fast as I can. Gotta beat the clock :-D

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