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January 31st, 2002 — 4:12pm

jan 26 — boxes… i need boxes… henry got to use all of his new sparring gear at karate yesterday! he was so happy. i’m goint to try to take him to the friday class, which sensei paul teaches, every week.

jan 24 — well! things have been happening. we decided we can afford our own place now (dan’s working full-time and i have quite a few piano students) so we looked at a few, and we applied for one we saw yesterday and they accepted us and all of a sudden we are moving. whee! stress. i hate moving. but it’s a nice place, a very nice 2/2 in a big complex on a quiet street across from a park. here’s an url that donut sent me: video game character quiz. if i were a video game character, i would be a light-cycle or a breakout bat, it seems :)

jan 21 — where does the time go? missed a bunch of days again… saturday was nice — henry was with us all weekend and we took him out to the airfield where dan flies his helicopter and dan flew and we watched and amused ourselves with coloring books and so forth and had a lovely time. i discovered that they play monty python’s flying circus on bbcamerica, so i’ve been recording it :) also we’ve been watching bill nye the science guy with henry lately, which is fun. he’s such a sweet wonderful child. tomorrow is his junior theater class, and we are planning to go to the model railroad museum afterwards, too.

jan 18 — yesterday i went down the stairs wrong and fell and hurt my right foot in the same way that i hurt my left foot in august of 2000 — it took a year and a half to get better. i can barely walk. :( but before i hurt myself we had lots of fun at homeschooler park day! and i won an auction for a bunch more train track :)

jan 15 — during henry’s junior theatre class today i went to the mingei folk art museum and the fine art museum, and had a wonderful peaceful time. and then after henry’s class, which he loved, we went over the new Niki de Saint Phalle dragon sculpture and he climbed on it for ages, and then we went into the mingei together so i could show him this neat sort of fairy-palace-castle thing, and then we went to the museum of man and looked at the Bones exhibit which was so cool! and then we looked in the fishpond, and shared a cheese danish, and came home. and it was all cool and cloudy, and we had so much fun together :)

jan 11 — i happened to glance at my access logs, and i noticed that someone reached my page by googling for “knitting sock robot home built”. this cracked me up! i can see why they reached my page but i really have no idea what they were looking for. a robot who knits socks? fascinating :)

jan 10 — yesterday was gymnastics, and i managed to do two or three pullovers unassisted. but i’m so bony that it hurts a lot when my hip bones bang against the bar. i finished my second train car and did a tricky thing with the couplers — the little stock car dan gave me has the old hook horn couplers on it, and they are permantently attached to the car so i couldn’t switch them for knuckle couplers like the rest of my train has. so i put one hook horn coupler on each of the models i built, and now the stock car can attach between them, and they can still connect to the rest of my train. so now i have engine and tender plus 6 cars, so my train looks really neat. now i need to plan out some more interesting track and landscaping. kathy is here for a whole week! and mom left today for jon’s wedding in NY so i will be doing a bunch of teaching for her.

jan 08 — henry’s homeschooler junior theater class started today. while he was in class i went to the museum of photographic arts and saw a great exhibit with lots of old old photos. the new building is lovely. so i had a very nice relaxing time all by myself in the quiet museum, and henry had fun at his class. he says his teacher is really nice. my new boots arrived from j. jill today. mine are olive green, unlike the photo there. i like them very much. ok now i think will glue some more bits onto my little train car.

jan 07 — i finished reading the book henry gave me for christmas (“the bad beginning” by lemony snicket). good book! i used the dremel to smooth out the pieces to my second model train car kit and did the painting and tonight i got some of it glued together. time for futurama!

jan 05 — helicopter day! dan’s getting quite good at flying, and i enjoy sitting there and reading or sewing or whatever. also stopped by the hobby store on the way home and bought another train car kit. :)

jan 04 — my brother ken came to visit from NY! he’s lots of fun. on thursday when i picked up henry in san diego we went to The Whistle Stop, a wonderful model train store, and henry and i browsed around for a long time and looked at everything, and then i bought a kit to build a “36′ old timer milk reefer” which is a charming little refrigerated milk car with ice hatches that will go nicely with my steam locomotive. i’m building it right now — waiting for glue to dry.

jan 01 — happy new year! we had a nice quiet night last night, talking, computing, and watching “blazing saddles” which was odd and funny. i searched around on ebay looking for neat train stuff. and i fixed one of myk new skirts. this morning henry and i watched the end of the parade together, which was fun, and now i’m going to get a shower and clean up this horrid messy room!

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