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Millions of Cats

January 28th, 2021 — 3:43pm

I recorded this family favorite as a Christmas gift for my friend Elli (the same Elli who proof-listened my Gatsby) and her little boy <3

In other news, my pulmonologist recently increased my dose of sildenafil from 40 to 60mg, 3x/day. We increased my dose of Lasix (a diuretic to help control the fluid retention common with heart failure) at the same time. And within a few days I felt so much better! Like I wake up with some ambition and enough energy to do more than one thing in a day. I don’t get tired immediately and need a nap by noon; I don’t need to just lie in bed all day.

I’ve been sewing again! I got super inspired by the historical costuming videos and posts of Morgan Donner and others, and got the notion to make myself some modified Early Medieval clothing for daily wear. No corsetry required! My corset/stays days are behind me, lol. I’ve already sewn two cream linen shifts (under-dresses) and I absolutely LIVE in them. They’re even more comfy than sweats and tees. And linen is astonishing. I don’t overheat in it. It doesn’t seem to get smelly as fast as cotton, so I can wear a shift for multiple days between washes.

Right now I’m working on a pine green linen bliaut, which is an overdress that can fit fairly loosely but has lacing at the sides for a more form-fitted look. Traditionally they are floor length and have long dangling sleeves but I’m making mine shin-length with more practical sleeves. I’m planning lace-on long-sleeve extensions (but not dangling).

Some sources that I used (helpful list for Future Me):
Making Basic Medieval Underwear
Custom Smock and T-Tunic Pattern Generator
Izabela’s Bliaut Tutorial
Bliaut Tutorial
Square Underarm Gussets

Today I hand-sewed for hours, and watched a lot of Ok GO videos with Em, and gave her a German lesson, AND made a pot of soup! I’m tired now but that’s a lot of things in one day for me.

Now we’re going to increase my sildenafil to 80mg 3x/day (that’s 12 tablets a day hahaha) and see what happens. Maybe I’ll have even more energy! Or, maybe my energy level will stay the same as it is now but won’t decrease as quickly over time. Maybe nothing will happen. Maybe the side effects will be unbearable. But I’m hoping for good things. We shall see!

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The Great Gatsby!

January 17th, 2021 — 8:58am

When we started LibriVox in 2005, the book I most wanted to record was The Great Gatsby — but it wasn’t to enter the Public Domain until 2021 and I thought for sure I’d be dead by then. (I have survived Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension much longer than anyone expected, yay!)

I started recording Gatsby on January 3rd and finished yesterday, January 16th. I’ve never recorded a book so quickly! It helped that it was only 9 chapters, and that it’s one of my favorite books in the whole world. Fitzgerald’s use of language dazzles me. Elli proof-listened for me, and I pretended I was reading aloud to her as I recorded :)

Here it is! The LibriVox book cover team even used the original “eyes” book jacket, which is exactly what I was wishing for :)

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Happy New Year!

January 16th, 2021 — 11:14am

Ok I’m a little late — sorry ’bout that. I’m still alive. Looks like I’ll live to see the Orange Clown booted out of the White House and sane, compassionate, experienced adults take over.  Hooray!  Just 4 more days!

Here’s a picture book I recorded as a present to my dearest friend Elli in Austria and her little boy :)  Another family favorite.

And right now I’m finishing up a solo recording of The Great Gatsby for librivox so watch this space!

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