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Sad News

Some of you may have noticed Kayray’s final blog post was on Thursday, September 28th.

She died in her sleep sometime in the morning of Friday the 29th of September. She seemed to be peaceful.

Please keep listening to her stories, enjoying life, reading to children, growing good food, eating less meat, and creating things for your loved ones.

If anyone would like to reach out to me, you can do so at the following email address: Please put “Kayray” in the subject so I know it isn’t spam. I will read them all but may not answer right away.


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41 Responses to “Sad News”

  1. Kathy

    Eternal gratitude to Kara for being who she was and loving everyone so completely and so well. Kayray FOREVER.

  2. Janice in GA

    Much love and sympathy on her loss. I will miss her posts, but will remember whenever I listen to stories she’s read.

    I admired her so much.

  3. tyah

    It was such a great couple of years seeing her work. She brought joy with her audiobooks and the blog posts were such a nice break. She will be missed. My deepest condolences for your loss man.

  4. Dan Parsons

    She will be remembered forever. Her kindness and her work will leave ripples for generations.

  5. Brenda

    So very sorry for your loss Henry. Thank you for making this final post for those of us who have been sending Kara love and light. Could tell she was getting near the end and am glad that she was at least able to go peacefully in her sleep. Wishing peace to all her family and friends. I’ve been listening to her read for years and will continue to enjoy her recordings.

  6. Charlotte Gardiner

    I just discovered Kayray reads last week (Greenwitch) and it has been helping me feel calm and sleep at night. I only tonight clicked to find out more, only to get this sad news. I am so sorry to hear it. I think you’re going to find out are a LOT of people who feel the same way.

  7. Melissa

    I’m so sorry Henry, much love to you & your family & Dave. Your mom, definitely an amazing lady. I admire her so much, a multitalented lovely person. I will miss her dearly<3<3<3

  8. Henry Frigon

    @charlotte gardiner – I hope you will still listen. Many of the recordings were initially made to help me sleep when I was little!

  9. Soozan

    She comforted us all in a myriad of ways and we are eternally grateful that she died in peace. It’s still not quite real, because her essence remains SO STRONG! Kara Forever!

  10. Sharon Carlisle

    Yes, Kara was an extraordinary communicator, but it was her engagement with life- with you, Henry, and your family- with cooking, crafting, learning up until the end- that will remain with me. Many of us in her situation would merely have sat around and wept.

    All good wishes to you during this time of loss, Henry.

  11. Christina

    I’m just a Librivox listener. My dyslexic children and I are forever grateful. I’m so sorry for your loss.

  12. Jerry Nicholson

    My condolences to the family. I am her second cousin, although I am more than 30 years older and we never met. I do remember her father, Bob Shallenberg, well.


  13. jen

    my fiancé and I are so sad to read this enviable news. What you wrote, Henry, is a great few reminders to help keep Kara’s spirit alive, in addition to all these archives she left us to enjoy forever. Oh Kara, you had a lot of “made it to ” events at the end and thank you for sharing them with us all. Our personal one is “made it to season 16 of Taskmaster!” and we got right into the opinions and gossip of it all like usual. Taskmaster will just be another way ill keep you in my heart personally.

  14. Haley

    I am so sorry to hear of her passing. We first found her through librivox for audio recordings of books that we were reading for homeschooling. Her friendly voice quickly became our family’s favorite and my kids often ask for Kayray’s audiobooks during lunchtime (we’re currently on our second time through A Cricket in Times Square). She has been such a blessing to us, and we will continue to enjoy listening to her ??

  15. Esther

    So sorry to hear of Kayray’s passing. I just found her reading of Dracula on Librivox and have been enjoying it immensely. She definitely made a difference in the world by her being in it. May that knowledge comfort you and your family.

  16. Sharon

    We have been enjoying her librivox recordings for many years. PAH is a terrible disease that just recently took my stepmom, too. Kayray left a beautiful legacy and will be missed.

  17. Mellie

    I discovered Kayray through Librivox. Loved (and still love ) her recordings. Found her blog and enjoyed her posts so much. My sympathies to Kara’s loved ones.

  18. Tara

    My sincerest condolences to Kara’s family. Her voice has become familiar to my kids and I from our Ambleside readings on Librivox. She was one of our favorite voices. ?

  19. The Roby's

    Our sincere condolences to Kara’s family. My son has been listening to her voice for 5yrs on librivox with homeschool and my daughter started last year. Kara’s voice has taught my son many things! We will continue to listen to Karas voice and our hearts are sad to hear of her passing.

  20. Stephanie

    Our condolences for your family! <3 <3 hugs and love from an Ambleside Online family <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  21. Vivian

    Sincere condolences to you and your family. Kayray’s voice was a big part of our home school — we listened tonher recordings all day everyday for many years. We also enjoyed hearing your voice, Henry, when you had questions or comments (one of my faves was you piping up, “excuse me, Kayray?” Too cute!) She will be so missed, and so many homes will continue to keep her memory alive by playing her enjoyable, heartwarming, friendly voice. May you, your family, and Dave find comfort in the midst of grief.

  22. tyah

    people keep talking about her audiobooks pfft thats not all.
    she is a craftswoman too! check out her knetting wonders!

    I was hesitant to ask but how far did she go with her chloe baby blanket?

  23. Gina

    What sad news. I don’t even have words. Kayray made such a great mark on the world and will be missed.

  24. Rai

    My heart goes out to you and your family for your loss. I have been listening to Kara for the past few years and checking the blog every so often. She exuded kindness and the wonderful sparkle of light in her crafts, her readings and her love for the people in her life. I never met her but her warm spirit felt like she embraced all of those who followed her. I knew what a challenging time she was having, and my heart dropped when I saw the sad news post. Losing someone we love so very very much is indescribable. I wish for you strength. Know Kara touched many lives and her time here worthwhile and purposeful. Her love everlasting

  25. Abbie

    Hey! I don’t know your family but I found her recordings while looking for an obscure book I can’t find easily here in South Africa (Bagthorpes). I enjoy listening so much and I’ve been so thankful for the books that I thought I’d pop on here to say thanks for recording them, only to find I was a few weeks too late! She sounds like she was a really sweet homeschool mom. So sorry.

  26. Deanna N.

    We (myself and my two children, Averlee and Eli) have always enjoyed Kara’s reading of many of our favorite books, including This Country of Ours and Our Island Story. Her voice is memorable, understandable, calming and intriguing. We’ll always consider her part of our learning experience and look forward to hearing still her read to us, any time we are able! Thank you, Kara, for blessing so many through your readings. We’ll be praying for your family to be comforted in this difficult time.

  27. Jayde

    My kids and I listen to Kara’s voice almost every day as we listen to books that she has narrated on LibriVox. She is our favorite. Thank you Kara. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve passed.

  28. tyah

    I am sorry i have to say this, who cares if shd died “peacfully”? its all biology and everyone react differently, whats important is her work here. There is a lot of stuff she has done that will keep for gdnerations to come indeed.

  29. Vexijo

    I’m deeply saddened to hear about Kayray’s passing. Her legacy in storytelling and her advocacy for a more compassionate world will live on. Let’s honor her memory by continuing to share stories, nurture the next generation, and make positive changes in the world. My heartfelt condolences to her loved ones during this difficult time.

  30. tyah

    and by keep i mean will delight for generations to come

  31. Holly

    I ran across Kayray by chance when I got a Mastodon account. It was wonderful to find a fellow fan of the Bagthorpe books! Her writing lets her spirit shine through, and also her huge love for her family. Thinking of you all.

  32. Levi

    Kara was a very talented reader. Her flow, articulation and diction were flawless and ability to capture the essence of characters made them come alive. I particularly enjoyed her rendition of “Whose Body” by Dorothy Sayers, which I have listened to until the bytes in the file wore through. It was wonderful of her to share her talent with the world. I am sure she was an all round wonderful and multi faceted person. May her spirit be at peace.

    Condolences from a fan in British Columbia.

  33. Jen

    We loved listening to her Betsy Tacy recordings. I am so sorry to hear of this loss.

  34. Judy Seymour

    I discovered Kayray a few years ago via Librivox. I liked her voice, then on Kayray I liked her mind, her slightly twisted sense of humor, and her strong will. I will miss her.

  35. Soozan

    Hi Kara, I just really really feel like I want to say hi to you today. You’re the best niece an aunt could ever hope for. I think of you all the time. I love you ????

  36. tyah

    Kayray, I really feel lucky to have known you and i will try all that food you wished to indulge in your name. Thank you for your audiobooks, thank you for your knitting, thank you for your blogs, thank you for sharing a bit of your life. In the morning of thanks giving day i send my thanks to you Kayray

  37. Soozan

    My angel, it’s been two months today. We are still here, missing you, and trying to live the lives you hoped for us.

  38. Soozan

    Check your texts for your mom’s ?

  39. tyah

    It is the holidays and a new year is approaching. I have been surfing your site and reading your posts and wanted to share some that I enjoyed:

    Christmas 2021
    “Everyone loved the hats I knitted. Lulu’s is too small but I’ll fix it when we get to Portland in two weeks! I’ll try to post a pic of Dave in his yellow hat soon. He’s such a cutie. My present from him will be warm clothes when we get to Portland. Snow boots!

    We went up north to spend the day with everyone. Had a lovely time. Em gave us one of her drawings in a nice frame, which we love. Kirsten fixed a delicious Christmas dinner. Her mashed potato trick is a whole stick of butter, a glug of milk, and a bit of parmesan cheese. And she uses white rose potatoes for extra creaminess, yummmmm!”

    New year of 2014
    “Henry and Mom and I are visiting Kirsten and Marcos and Emma Rose and having a wonderful time. We’ve mostly been lazing around in pajamas all day, playing QuizUp, watching a bit of TV, listening to music, and playing with the baby, who is a dear darling adorable 6-month-old squeezable dumpling! I brought along wool to knit her a red-and-white striped cardigan and finished it today, but I have to take it home with me to install a zipper.”

  40. Jody

    Hello Henry,

    Your mom’s voice will always be Marmee March to me. I’ve listened to Little Women countless times and no one could be a better fit for Marmee. Kara seemed to be a gentle-but-determined woman who loved fiercely and gave much to so many.

    I’m so sorry for your deep loss…

  41. Chrisentiae Saint-Piaf

    Thu 9 May 2024

    Over the years, I occasionally listened to the stories read by Kara. I remember that one story she liked because of the dynamics. Something along the lines of two people giving each other gifts. Person A gave person B a very expensive gift, what person B always wanted. Due to the humor, person B did his best not to be impressed.

    Person B gave person A an uncaring gift and person A acted overwhelmed, how they had always wanted that and were so happy and grateful. Again, part of the humor.

    I remember, years ago, Kara explaining how she was so very amused by this.

    I also remember Kara reading to Henry, now an adult, all those years. She spoke of such often.

    I remember Kara had some health issues.

    I came here to see what new audiobooks Kara has, and learned she has gone to Heaven.

    She will be missed, for she was a good person and her light shone brightly.

    She exists, and is home.

    Thank you, Kara, for the many hours that I enjoyed your audiobooks. I feel saddened you are no longer here, and feel grateful for the time you were.

    One day I hope to hear more stories.

    Chrisentiae Saint-Piaf
    Melbourne, Australia


    Please add some flowers to Kara’s gave on my and others behalf.

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