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Bad sleep so very tired today but Henry and Lulu came over for hours so it was a wonderful day anyway. Henry brought leftovers for my freezer, a sriracha barbecue sauce, chicken, and beans dish, very strongly flavored, sweet and spicy, so I could actually taste it. I made cilantro-lime rice which went with it very well so we ate lunch all together. My stomach is not too miserable today. I think the extra dose of diuretic helped. I only weighed 97 pounds this morning, so there’s not a drop of extra fluid in me.

Henry did tons of chores and housework while Lulu and I snuggled in bed and I helped her read the words in her new Nintendo game, Fae Farm. Super cute but lots of reading to get started. She’s got the hang of it now and can probably have fun on her own, exploring and crafting.

I am plum worn out now, hoo boy. Time to zone all the way out in front of Fargo, s01e05.

Oh! This morning for breakfast I made a lemon yogurt that’s as good as or better than my favorite lemon yogurt that Trader Joe’s discontinued! Whisk together a tablespoon of sugar and a tablespoon of fresh lemon juice, then whisk into a half-cup of thick yogurt. I used my homemade whole milk strained-kefir yogurt but storebought Greek yogurt should work fine. Add more lemon or sugar to customize, or some lemon zest if you like it. So good, so sharp and fresh-tasting!

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  1. tyah

    you migh like this recipe which goes well with hot chilli souce.

    boil some rice (preferably in broth) until done then add milk and butter and stir until it gets a bit creamy in consistancy.

    here is the recipe in detail

  2. kara

    Sounds delicious :)

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