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May 31st, 2001 — 9:54am

Old Blog, May 2001:

may 31 — i’m home. i flew to Albany NY on wednesday the 23rd, dan picked me up, we hung out with chloe a bit on thursday, drove to philadelphia on friday (that was a fun drive!) and hung out with our interweb friends (ranc0r, jrray, macinjosh, quasar, pilot518 and his wife denise, and donut) all weekend. it rained and rained! the best part was when dan and i went to the philadelphia zoo in the rain, and the second best part was when a bunch of us hung around for hours in macinjosh and ranc0r’s room, all of us on the lan and playing on our laptops. gee that was fun! :)

may 22 — well i got 4.5 hours of sleep so i felt disoriented all day. but i got all packed and scheduled a shuttle and set up a wake-up call from (the shuttle is coming at 5:05am so i’m getting up at 4:15am. w00ty w00t!) well, time to read another chapter of narnia to little henry and put him to bed.

may 21 — this morning was henry’s last trip to the dentist for fillings! yay! next appointment is in 6 months. *whew* glad that’s over, and so is henry. :) the thiles left this morning. it was so nice to have them here; they are a lovely family and henry just loved playing with daniel and i loved hanging around with john. now i’m moving mp3s around so i’ll have all my necessary music on my laptop, and also i need to make an mp3 cd of my good stuff. i figured out how to do it with symlinks last night (austin helped). neato :) I LEAVE DAY AFTER TOMORROW! YIPPEE!

may 20 — well i woke up feeling awful again and had to go dance at the fair again which was rather un-fun, except that my nice friends were there and we had appreciative audiences. and we wound the maypole, which was fun. :) anyway i came home a bit early ’cause i was feeling crummy but being all alone in my nice peaceful room with no people in it made me feel better eventually. i think i had people-overload this weekend, plus not enough sleep, plus general female discomfort. i am not happy about having a whole week of PMS every month… on to more pleasant subjects! my nice nephews came back again tonight so i got to hang around with john a bit and henry got to play superheros with daniel. :) and in three days i get to go Out Of Town!

may 19 — i feel to crappy to write. more tomorrow.

may 18 — my sister kathy, her husband, scott, and two of my three nephews, john and daniel, came to visit from kentucky! daniel is 10, and he and henry ran around for hours playing superhero and i don’t know what. they seemed to be having a wonderful time. john is 17 and a computer geek, so we played on my computers and i beamed him a bunch of neat palm software (from my iiixe — iiic has broken IR still, since the refurb palm tech support sent me has the brightness bug and i’d rather have no IR than be unable to enter grafitti with the contrast turned up. jesus, palm tech suport is run by retarded crack monkeys) anyway john and i had lots of fun and then we went over to kirsten’s house and watched Holy Grail but i got really tired and fell asleep.

may 17 — we played rollercoaster tycoon so much today, and henry made a coaster all by himself! and i made killer soup for dinner and we read chapter six of “the lion the witch and the wardrobe” at bedtime. had to read it on my iiic ’cause we couldn’t find the paper copy. how could it disappear overnight? i solved level 21 of “Tumble” and i am quite proud. oh, and i finished “Angela’s Ashes” last night. great book.

may 16 — we had a nice day, an ordinary wednesday, first henry’s junior theater class and then he and jake and talon and sasha played for a couple of hours while i read my book (angela’s ashes) , and then we went over to matthew’s place and played rollercoaster tycoon on my laptop, and then spike came over to play and i read my book some more, and then i came home and went shopping for some food and talked to my irc friends for a bit, and now i am very tired and will go to bed, if i can avoid reading for another few hours. :) (happy birthday dan!)

may 15 — turok and i just had an enlightening converation with our russian friend eugen:

eugen: are there tourist attractions where you live?
10:27PM nope too many
10:27PM Novosibirsk is industrial city :)
10:27PM we have splendid Zoo, miseums, circus etc
10:28PM and a few Luna-parks too
10:28PM where wheels, “american hills” etc
10:28PM i dont know how you call that place
10:29PM amusement parks?
wow i have no idea what you mean, describe further
10:29PM “American hills”
10:29PM American mountains”
i am stumped :)
10:30PM where you sit into vagon and being curried in various tangled ways
is it an outdoor thing?
10:30PM outdoor :)
10:30PM i hate them
10:30PM eugen: is it full of rides? do they charge admission?
10:30PM yes
10:30PM amusement park
up and down and round about?
10:30PM rollercoasters!
american hills!
10:31PM ok ok seems so
10:31PM yeah!
10:31PM makes sense!
omg that’s SO cool
10:31PM heh, i doubt
10:31PM hahaha, is that the name for it in Russian Eugen? “American hills”?
ok they are now called american hills forever and ever :)

may 14 — this was a nice day :) we went legoland again, and this time we went with talon and his mom, chris. we had such a good time. we found a part of legoland we’d never been to — a building where you can check out lego kits and just sit and build them! first we made a dinosaur that really walked when we hooked up a battery, and then we made a windmill that really spun, and then a little gyro with gears and a crank to turn to make the propellers spin. it was so pleasant! oh and this morning i actually reached palm, inc. and they are shipping me a refurb. and tonight i dl’d “khroma” off pghq. khroma is a freeware app that lets you make color schemes for your palm, so instead of the default blue-white-black scheme, i’ve now got a lovely calm mostly-green scheme that i made myself! it’s a great little app and i’ll add it to my palmstuff page soon. oh i read my lovely first-edition of “84 charing cross road” (mom gave it to me) while we were at legoland. (legoland affords many opportunities for reading since there are a lot of things the kids can do on their own)

may 13 — i am SO tired right now, and i’m feeling very stressed. i guess it was a long day. the ren fair was nice today. it’s funny, the nicest part of it is sitting with my friends in the shelter and eating (everyone brings food and we eat constantly) and reading my book. i read an entire trashy mystery this weekend :) anyway i don’t care at all about the actual fair, and the dancing is fun but my ankle still hurts, but i do really enjoy being with my friends. a lot of my meat-space friends are on the morris team and we have a lot of fun together :) oh and henry is all better now, not sick at all, and he gave me a rose for mother’s day. he and matthew spent the day together, and went up to see matthew’s mom in temecula. oh i updated my palmstuff page so if you have a palm you should go there and try out some of the new games i have. there were actually THREE things worth downloading today on PGHQ — unbelievable. none of them are good enough to make my page, but still it’s nice to have some new things to try out. ooo i have to call palm tech support in the morning about my IR.

may 12 — mmmmm, instant bacon-flavoured mashed potatoes and ice cream for dinner! ;-) we went to the renaissance fair today but henry started feeling yucky pretty soon after we got there, so we sat in the shelter all day and he napped. he’s got a headache and a fever, poor child. i kept asking him all day if he wanted to come home but he didn’t want to leave til afternoon. he’s sleeping again now. i just hard-reset my iiic to see if, by some odd chance, that would fix the IR problem. it can receive beams from other devices, but not actually BEAM. hard reset didn’t help, though, so it’s palm tech support and refurb hell time. maybe i’ll get lucky and they’ll send me a good unit on the very first try. :)

may 11 — ranc0r suggested a website with video drivers and i got one and it was the right one and now henry’s got 16-bit color and everything is peachy :) and i got some good software on there and his brainsBreaker jigsaw puzzle game, and we went and dl’d a bunch of batman and robin .jpgs and we turned one of them into wallpaper for him and made puzzles out of the rest. he’s so happy! and i’m proud of myself for making his computer better for him.

may 10 — well i reformatted henry’s computer and after i did so i remembered that dan and i had a hell of a time finding video drivers for it, originally. so i have to hunt them down all over again. and windows didn’t want to find the ethernet card but i found drivers and triumphed. it’s HOT in here. renaissance fair this weekend and next (morris team is performing so i have to go — not many dancers left) and i’m taking henry with me so tomorrow i have to remake his costume for him.

may 9 — took henry to his junior theater class — he loves it! and afterward he played with his friend talon for a long time, and then we ran errands in san diego (took darren a cd, dropped off charlotte’s bodice, etc.) and then hung out waiting for matthew to get home. he’s there with matthew now, having a nice time i’m sure. :) i need to go to bed so i can get up early and fetch him.

may 8 — got new music! ranc0r and pthree gave me pretty hate machine and irq gave me the joshua tree. listening to that now. yay for new good music! i fixed charlotte’s bodice (it needed an expansion panel in the front) and stuffed it in my backpack so i won’t forget it tomorrow. the f*cking flea guy STILL didn’t come and henry and i are being eaten alive. i’m going through the solarcaine really fast. i felt extremely pissed-off, worried, and tearful this afternoon, but much better now.

may 7 — well we picked up everything off our floors so the guy could come treat the carpets for fleas (we are being eaten) but he never showed. sigh. henry had to go to the dentist again today and he did NOT want to go — he hid when it was time to leave, but then he was a very good boy when we got there. after we got home we sat together and watched our batman tape, and at night we went to morris dancing practice. we practiced jockey-for -three. that’s a fun dance. there’s a fair the next two weekends in del mar so we’re getting ready for that.

may 6 — another nice day. :) i taught some students for sally, and re-organized my gigantic mp3s directory, threw away some junk that i never listen to, and when henry got home i let him type my commands in for me while i ripped some more .wavs and converted to .mp3. we read another chapter of Prince Caspian today — almost done now. only one more chapter to go!

. may 5 — ah this was a nice lazy day. i slept late, hung around, talked to my packet friends, taught a piano student, went to the store… oh at walmart i got two more little black tank-tops — they finally had my size. and i got some more skinny jewel cases at best buy. and i did laundry, and some house stuff, etc.

may 4 — we drove all the way out to bates nut farm to see this neat historical re-enactment group called the red company. they had set up a camp as if they were a group of mercenary soldiers in 1471, and they led us around and explained how life was then, and answered questions, and were all so nice! we went with a group of homeschoolers (the entire day was set aside for homeschool groups). the kids got to try on pieces of armor, and we learned all about bow-making and arrow-making and just so many interesting things. it was great. in the evening we mowed the lawn, and read another chapter of Prince Caspian, and went to the grocery store. henry has become an excellent grocery helper. i can send him all over the store to find things, and he is even learning how to pick out produce properly — i let him choose the tomatoes and he was very careful and picked good ones.

may 3 — we went to legoland! it was great, not crowded, not too hot, and we had a wonderful time. :) there’s a special deal that gets us in for $15 each in may, so i think we’ll go again in a couple weeks. there’s a new roller coaster there and we loved it so much we went on is about 20 times! at first henry was scared but then he decided he liked it and we went around and around and around. he’s a brave little guy — it was more scary than any ride he’s ever been on.

may 2 — henry had his second junior theater class today, and he really enjoyed it. it was COLD today; i had to bundle up in my coat while i was waiting for him and afterwards, while he was playing with talon and sasha. i was so tired today. going to bed early tonight. i’m listening to huddie ledbetter and really enjoying it. donut gave me this music i think.

may 1 — we had another science class today and it was really fun! we got to play with dry ice and we made film cans go POP with water and alka-seltzer inside. we had a GREAT time! we went to the store for tomatoes and things tonight, and i bought marshmallows and toothpicks for henry to use a building toy. :)

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