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I had a Good Day! Omg, an actual Good Day. I took metolazone first thing in the morning AND didn’t eat anything until the late afternoon so my stomach felt ok for hours. I did so many fun things! I tidied up my bedroom a bit and even put away my clean laundry. I dealt with packages and got my horrid pile cleared off the table. I pounded up dried bread into crumbs in my mortar and shredded some more stale bread to dry in a low oven for more crumbs. I assembled my mini eggplant parmesan and baked a batch of banana-walnut muffins and washed everything up and left the kitchen tidier than when I got there. And I strained a quart of kefir to make yogurt. And watered my container garden.

And then I was ALL WORN OUT, naturally, having clocked over 1000 steps, but for a good and satisfying reason so I went back to bed in the early afternoon for drawing and audiobooks and zoning out. At about 3 I baked my casserole and have been working on it very slowly while watching season 1 of Fargo. Forgot how good it was. And my casserole is delicious! I can taste it! My stomach feels full and uncomfortable now of course but it’s less annoying late in the day when I can just lie here and rot. Maybe the trick is to simply not eat for the majority of the day. Sigh. I drank some juice in the morning so I never felt lightheaded or anything. I daresay a little lemon sorbet would be ok too.

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  1. Brenda

    Yay for good days! As long as life is worth living… just for all the happy little things.

  2. kara

    Right? I never knew how happy it could make me to have enough energy to put away my clean laundry ;-D

  3. Soozan

    That’s a marvelous day! Yay. We should all learn to appreciate every lovely satisfying moment

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