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December 31st, 2001 — 4:10pm

kayray’s christmas wishlist

dec 31 — this guy is obsessed with Dr. Nick: Dr. NIck page. good audio clips :) mom went to a sale and bought me several nice skirts! i’m so skinny i have to take some of them in to make them fit properly but i’ve got them pinned already and it won’t be hard. all of a sudden i have lots of pretty things to wear! hmm, i just happened upon another good Dr. Nick site: no audio, but lots of cool pictures and some wallpaper. Bye bye everybody!

dec 29 — i had a funny dream last night — i was at some dance studio and three of the guys from Led Zeppelin (not john paul jones for some reason) were there and they were learning little goofy dance moves because their agent said they had to in order to be popular. and they didn’t look like themselves… it was odd and funny :)

dec 28 — whoops missed some days there :) christmas was lovely — everyone had fun, henry loved his presents, dan likes the stuff i gave him, i like the stuff he gave me (a new locketwatch, and the rest of the jane austen novels so now i have a complete matched set, plus early presents of a cellphone and the LoTR card game :). i helped henry put together his moccasin kit, and now he runs around in these little green and tan moccasins looking adorable, wreaing the new stretchy pants that grandma jean gave him. today we finished the last of the little wooden model kits (there were four — helicopter, biplane, jeep, and 4×4 truck) — we had so much fun putting those together. now he gets to paint them all himself. he painted the heli already and made it look a lot like dan’s RC heli. yesterday (or was it the day before) dan bought me plywood and a table and we cleared enough space in the garage for my 4X6 foot train layout! i need to save up money for some more track, but not much as it’s a rather small layout. i think i can do an inner loop and some siding. today i started a big tunnel-through-a-mountain out of cardboard and papier-mache. got the form built, made it mountainous with crumpled brown paper, and covered it with the first layer of papier-mache. it’ll be NEAT! my cousin ashley and her friend christine came to visit for a couple of days — they are nice girls :) oh henry’s harry potter TCG turned out to be really fun! i love playing it with him, and we are saving up for some booster packs.

dec 24 — this morning i woke up way too early (well it’s more like i went to bed WAY too late last night) but no one else was around so i had hours of nice quiet computer time and i created some neat gifts for my dad (no details yet in case this page falls under the wrong eyes) and got a lot of good stuff off morpheus. kinda tired tonight (5 hours of sleep will do that to you).

dec 23 — man we did a lot of stuff today. first cleaned the house like crazy under mom’s command, then went out to hobby store so i could spend my birthday money. bougth a beautiful HO scale model train set, with a lovely intricate green steam engine. dan’s going to help me make room in the garage for a really big table and i’m going to make a nifty layout and get more track someday and make it all fancy. it’ll be super cool! i’ve been reading model train books for a long time now and getting really interested in the whole thing. we were supposed to go get ken and eiko at the airport at night but they were on standby and couldn’t get here (sad :( ) but then it turned bout mom needed help collecting her new dog from the airport in the middle of the night so we went along with her, then when we got home we set up my trains (on the floor for now, ick) and they are so wonderful! i can hardly wait until i have my benchwork in the garage and can make a permanent layout.

dec 21 — please read the chaca-chaca review on warning: it may cause extreme laughter.

dec 20 — yesterday henry and i strung our popcorn and draped it on the tree. also we had gymnastics (i did a better cartwheel). at night while henry was at matthew’s house, dan and i went to see The Fellowship of the Ring! we got there a little after six for the eight o’clock show, and it was good that we did –we were second in line but right after we got there the line started growing really fast and it was a packed house. and the movie was wonderful! funny how much aragorn looks like my friend darren… they did a really good job turning an extremely long and complex book into a movie — they left out an awful lot and made some changes of course but it was still really good.

dec 18 — oh our christmas tree smells so good! i figured out how to do htaccess stuff so i was able to password protect some of my web directories. it almost wouldn’t work but then i figured out the problem and made it work, yay for me! i popped a bunch of popcorn but haven’t gotten a chance to string it for the tree yet.

dec 17 — we got a tree for mom and set it up in the big piano room and decorated it beautifully for her. oh and i bought a vaporizer at horrid Wal-Mart because the air is SO dry. we use it in our living room in the day and in our bedroom at night. yay for the vaporizer!

dec 16 — here’s a little christmas present for you — dylan thomas reading a child’s christmas in wales. it’s about 18 MB so it’ll take a while to download. enjoy!

dec 15 — 06:21PM <torquil> kara i have been noticably absent from your website as of late
06:22PM <torquil> i see no torquils on the page!
(there you go, torkle :)) we went out to the flying field all day so dan could pick up his new helicopter and fly it a bit :)

dec 14 — turok came to visit yesterday — he drove down from the bay area. he’s staying all weekend! today henry and i went to the storage unit and got sally’s christmas stuff, and then we bought a tree for ourselves for the downstairs living room and we set it up and decorated it and everything. it’s just lovely! here’s something funny i found while searching around on the internet: SPT research. this is what i was really looking for though: twinkie research

dec 11 — henry and i made lots of gingerbread cookies yesterday, and today we iced them and used the other batch of dough (we made two) to make the parts for a gingerbread house!

dec 09 — we just watched the Making of the Lord of the Rings special on the Sci-Fi channel and it was really good — much better than the corny thing on fox a couple weeks ago. gosh i can hardly wait to see the movie! turok has a brand new website: go there. go there now.

dec 06 — we had a nice busy day! first a homeschool field trip to hear the westwind brass quintet at the art museum, and then a nice docent lady took us on a tour or the museum, and then we drove back up here and went to the homeschool park day at guajome park — henry played for hours with some nice little boys and i lay in the grass and read my book. and then i took kirsten to the train station, then made dad’s dinner, then taught my two thursday students, then got rid of some duplicate mp3s, then had a nice hot bath (dan put henry to bed for me tonight so i could a have a little quiet time) and now i’m eating dinner and watching lame tv with dan. :) we bought LotR tickets yesterday — we’re going on dec 19 at 8!

dec 04 — went to last night and found NEW STUFF! such as this: BBQ Ages Men Before Your Eyes. lots more new stuff in the gallery of Regrettable Food, too. here’s another song for you! iko_iko.mp3. i really love this song! it took me a while to find it… there are a lot of different versions and i wanted THIS one. but i found it eventually. anyone who can tell me the artist gets a cookie. i have no info at all.

dec 03 — ordered a moccasin kit for henry for christmas last night. :) we went to the library tonight and got lots of good stuff — “the dark is rising” for me (i always read it around christmas time) and a linux book that’s about 5 inches thick, and a bunch of audiobooks and picturebooks and “building big” by david maccauley (sp?) for henry. dan and i made prints tonight, and by that i mean i made prints and he ran the timer for me. got seven made fom my last roll, all good, and there’s only about six left to do, and then i can maybe catch up on the other three or so rolls i have to do. contact prints are so useful — without them i would be totally lost and would never remember which rolls i hadn’t printed yet.

dec 02 — i showed henry how to make paper snowflakes this morning, and he just loved it so we made a lot. we used my good tracing paper so they were easy to cut even when folded into 6 layers. also steam-cleaned the living room carpet and made pancakes and loafed on the internet a lot today. tried to get some online christmas shopping done for henry but i’m not sure what to give him… guess i’ll start with some nice books.

dec 01 — happy december! i started a page for henry’s artwork. not much there yet; i need to scan a bunch of stuff. we went out to the palomar rc flyers airfield today so dan could get a lesson flying an rc helicopter like the one he’s planning to own someday soon. we got to help mark out circles and level them for some new helipads :) i read about half of northanger abbey, finished my horse needlepoint, and drew a celtic knot on my palm and transfered it onto a piece of canvas and started filling it in. looks neat, but it’s very tricky to get the curves right. went to emotion eric today for the first time in a long while and laughed my ass off :) hope he gets more t-shirts in stock soon!

i’ll put neil young down here for now: don’t cry no tears.mp3. enjoy :)

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