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It’s Henry’s birthday, the anniversary of the happiest day of my life! Best baby, best little guy, best teenager, best adult son anyone could ever wish for.

Whoof, it was a rough night — many false pump alarms and many trips to the loo. Too tired to do anything today but self care: stayed in bed, ate leftover black bean soup, watched stuff, daydreamed about the food I’m too tired to cook and too full to eat.

I want hot sweet Thai stirfry with rice noodles and tofu, I want scalloped potatoes, I want lemon blueberry muffins, I want peanut brittle, I want garlicky pasta, I want nachos with homemade spicy cheese sauce, I want vast quantities of steamed broccoli with butter, I want big crunchy salads, I want cottage pie, I want snickerdoodles, I want a heap of chard with butter and lemon, I want ginger cake, I want cinnamon rausin bread, I want rice with butter, I want pizza, I want lemon yogurt, I want a whole steamed cauliflower.

Well, tomorrow maybe I’ll be able to make lemon yogurt, and maybe scrape up the energy to harvest and sauté some chard. Mmm chard.

Watching a really terrible British cooking contest show on Netflix. I guarantee it’s a one-season wonder. “The Big Family Cooking Showdown” starring glum families (except for the one family who are insane rather than glum) cooking unpleasant-looking food, hosted by hosts with zero charisma and not much to say. Lol. I think one episode will be quite enough.

Tomorrow I’ll watch bake off again on Netflix so they get viewing numbers.

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