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Watching the new Great British Bake Off, episode one, and so happy they replaced Matt Lucas! I found him incredibly annoying. His replacement seems like a very sweet woman. The challenges have been normal so far, too. Nothing outlandish. I hope this is a sign that this season will be returning to the comfy old bake off format — no tacos, please.

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  1. Beth

    Hi Kara!
    I am looking forward to reading along with your reviews of the new Bake Off. It has never been the same for me since they left the old production company and lost Mary Berry, Mel & Sue. I found both Matt Lucas and Noel Fielding annoying. But if you like the new season, I might give it a chance.

    I also wanted to say that Vermont, where I live, is also a Death with Dignity state, and a friend of mine chose his own dying time last year when he was in the last stages of cancer. It sounded as though he was very clear & the actual process was peaceful for him and the family & community who were there. I hope that day isn’t close for you but I’m glad you too have that option when it’s time.

  2. Henry Frigon

    If your tacos are baked, something is wrong!

  3. kara

    They were so, so wrong — and that was not all that was wrong with Mexico Week. Sombreros and ponchos. YIKES.

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