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February 28th, 2004 — 5:24pm

Feb 28 — Slept delightfully late, made a giant breakfast/lunch, went out with Dan to do various errands: Gasoline, oil, exchange at Toys’R’Us, purchase of our own FF:CC game, stop by bike store to discuss website, etc. On the way home he bought me a Jamba Juice smoothie — Peach Pleasure, my favorite! MMM best smoothies in the world. Tonight we finished the second year of our game. The second time through the River Belle Path area there were some enormous Griffons that were mighty tough. But we beat them all eventually. Ok bedtime.

Feb 27 — Chloe came over this afternoon and we played in Henry’s room for a while. He told us about Bionicles (he’s an expert) and played the piano for us, and I read some more Hobbit to them both. And then we all watched “The Song Remains The Same”. She’s going home tomorrow and I will miss her so much. More FF:CC with Dan this evening — we beat another level!

Feb 26 — We rented Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles for the gamecube yesterday, and, after assembling the proper cables and gameboys (_each_ _player_ needs a gameboy and for the multiplayer version), Dan and I tried it out and have been having so much fun! We’ve beat three bosses, collected three drops of myrrh, and finished the first year of the quest. The game has a few annoying aspects but on the whole we’re really enjoying it.

Feb 25 — Apparently our president, George W. Bush, wants to amend the constitution to ban marriage between homosexuals. WHAT??? This burns me up. Isn’t the constitution supposed the PROTECT our human rights and freedoms? I just don’t understand. Who does it hurt if two women or two men love each other enough to get married? It’s none of anyone’s business! It affects no one. Several gay couples were married in SF recently. Did anyone suffer because of this? NO! How about if the president takes action on some issue that actually matters — say, child abuse, poverty, domestic violence, or illiteracy? In my opinion, singling out gay people in this way is exactly the same as singling out people of any particular race or religion. It is evil. Not to mention devisive, non-productive, and bigoted.

Feb 24 — On the way home from Karate, Henry was full of songs. He sang a lovely one of his own, which went something like this:

If a Bionicle and a Megaman meet
They might have a fight
But no one will win
Because, in my opinion,
They are equal
Yeah, they are equal!

It was a very nice song :)

Feb 23 — Did the grocery shopping (finally). Henry was a tremendous help, and Dan carried everything upstairs. Lay on the couch most of the rest of the day, then took H to karate. We finished watching “The Band Wagon” which for some reason was awarded 4 stars by TCM, but if you ask me it’s one of the dullest Fred Astaire movies. No amazing dance numbers, few interesting tunes, lame plot, implausible romantic pairing. Give me “Royal Wedding”, “Easter Parade”, or “Shall We Dance” any day.

Feb 22 — Watched two movies — Notorious and The Maltese Falcon — and then two episodes of Nova on PBS. One was about these men who study glaciers in France and the other was about scientists figuring out why a plane crashed. And I knitted and knitted and knitted.

Feb 21 — Rain again. Still sick. Chloe spent the night here last night which was wonderful! We stayed up too late talking and watching tv and knitting. This afternoon Dan drove us all to the yarn store in Encinitas and he bought me enough beautiful yarn to make a sweater! I’m going to make the bpt sweater on I bought Lamb’s Pride worsted (85% wool, 15% mohair) in a lovely red. I made a sample and it’s working up at a bigger gauge than is called for in the pattern (4 st/inch instead of 5 st/inch) even with needles two sizes smaller, so I’ll have to alter the pattern. But I can do it. Mom came over tonight, and Dan helped her with her computer while I helped her with her knitting, and then we all watched Best in Show.

Feb 19 — Feeling slightly better. Sort of. We picked Chloe up around noon and brought her home, and then we lay around and knitted and watched Henry play “Super Smash Brothers” on the gamecube. Neat game. Chloe has finished the yoke of her sweater and is working on the body! It’s so pretty, such a lovely shade of brown. Then we took Henry to gymnastics and he bounced, and then we went over to Sal’s for my student and to fix Bob’s dinner etc. Chloe came back home with us to spend the night! We got smoothies on the way home, yum. After Henry was in bed, we watched Jeopardy (super geek boy won the first part of the Teen Tournament) and then Survivor which Chloe is all into — we scoffed at first but it was really quite entertaining! I guess we’ll have to stop picking on our friends who watch it :) We’re looking forward to next week’s episode now, heheh. Next week there will be “A Big Twist” ooooooooooo!

Feb 18 — Still sick, cancelled all the piano students today but I did manage to take Henry to Karate. Sat in the car, coughed, and read while he was in class. It rained and rained, and we lay around playing videogames and watching Star Trek.

Feb 17 — Dan gave me a Valentine’s Day present today! It’s a lovely sterling silver 18″ 2mm square wheat-chain necklace. It’s elegant and so pretty! I love it.

I’m still sick. Pardon me while I go cough up a lung. Ok I’m back. Blood test said I don’t have agranulocytosis which is good. I do have a bit more of an appetite today.

Feb 16 — Still sick. Cough cough cough. Henry and I played videogames and watched Star Trek today. I went to the lab to get my blood tested again.

Feb 14 — Been sick the last couple of days, ugh. Feeling slightly better now but extremely tired. Bah. Happy Valentine’s Day, dearest Dan, and thanks for taking such good care of me all the time.

Feb 11 — Took Chloe down to Encinitas to a lovely yarn store called Common Threads. Terribly ugly website, really great yarn store. Chloe bought nice brown yarn to make a sweater, and I bought one skein of very fine blue wool/nylon yarn to make gloves for Henry. He chose the color. I carefully folded up the label, tucked it into my purse, and promptly lost it, grr, so I don’t even know the name of the yarn or the exact fiber content.

Feb 10 — Didn’t get enough sleep last night, felt moldy all day. Henry felt crummy too and ended up with his usual pukey-headache thing. It’s half-past 8 and we’re going to bed to try to catch up on some sleep.

Feb 09 — Henry helped me with the groceries again this morning, and then I did a ton of laundry and cooked lunch and by the time that was all over it was 2:30 and we went over to Sal’s and hung out with Chloe. I taught her how to turn a heel and we watched Henry swing on his rope swing. And then Jack came home from his boat outing and he drove us over to Karate and we three watched Henry’s class. It was SO hot whie we were shopping, earlier, so I under-dressed and then I was freezing at night. Brrr. And now I’m very very tired and it’s time for bed.

Feb 08 — Picked up Henry a bit earlier than usual so we could hang out with the Robinsons! We all went to the beach in the afternoon. I taught Chloe how to knit cables and she’s got a sock started. Henry ran around bouncing with joy — there’s nothing happier than a little boy frisking around on the beach! It got really really cold after a while and we went back to Sal’s house.. Kirsten and Marcos were there too and we all piled onto the big sofa-bed and watched “A Mighty Wind” again. Lots of fun!

Feb 07 — Slept until 1, got up, went to bagel store, came home, ate bagels. Then I worked on my bag until Dan got up, and then we hung around. Went out to get him a pizza and then Sal and Chloe came over! Dan helped Sal with her computer and then we all watched “A Mighty Wind” which was even better the second time. After they left, we watched “Lost in Translaton” which was excellent! Very good movie, wow.

Feb 06 — Did I mention our Fred Astaire Marathon this week? Good old Turner Classic Movies played three Fred movies on Monday so we TiVo’d them. Henry and I watched “Shall We Dance” and “Royal Wedding” on Monday, and most of “Top Hat” today. We’ll finish that one soon. Oh, Fred Astaire is so wonderful. Henry likes “Royal Wedding” the best. For days he’s been humming the number that Fred dances in the gym with the hat-stand! Dum, da-DUM-dum, da-DUM-dum, DA-DUM! Dum-dee-dum-dee-dumdy…

I woke up far too early today. Blah. Henry and I ran a few errands — bank, library, toy store — and then came home, and I lay around until Chloe called in the afternoon and we went over to House of Sal. Jack drove us to the beach where I lay around. Henry ran about and played in the sand and jumped off the rocks and had a fine time! It was really nice to hang out with Chloe and Jack at the lovely beach.

After we got back to Sal’s house, I fixed her email problem and added names to her address book and bookmarks to her browser. And then Henry played at the bionicle website until Matthew came to pick him up. And now I’m home with Dan! We watched Jeopardy, which we enjoy so very much. I love the wordplay categories, and anything to do with art or music or general cultural stuff. I hate categories that involve vice-presidents, chemistry, and war-stuff.

Feb 05 — Had an early appointment with my endocrine guy to take more bloooood and see if I am hyperthyroid again. I’m pretty sure I am, and he thinks so too. So I’m back on 20mg of methimazole instead of 10. I worked on my new bag all morning, after I got home, and Henry went biking with Sal fora bit. And then he and I watched Star Trek; it was “Amok Time” which is an excellent episode. Henry loved it. He ran to his room and put on his Spock costume while we were watching :) And then I took him to gymnastics, and then we went over to Sal’s house and I taught a student and set up her new iBook and we hung out with the wonderful Robinsons for a long time.

Feb 04 — Long day, wasn’t feeling all that great. Chloe, Jack, and Susan arrived from NY and it was wonderful to see them again! I had a cancellation so was able to hang out with them for a while in the afternoon. When I got home I was feeling anxious and depressed, and Dan was feeling kind of down, too, but we sat together and cheered each other up :)

Feb 03 — Sewed some great boots for Henry, following MissRoo’s instructions for fleece slippers on I measured his his feet and made the pattern taller and narrower and they turned out _great_! And I made his green felt Link hat last night, so he’s got a really excellent Link costume now :) Oh here is a photo.

Feb 02 — It’s pouring rain right now (10:30pm). We were watching tv a while ago and we heard this funny noise… and it took a while to figure out what it was, heh. That’s how often it rains here. Anyway I had an ok day. I think I’m going hyper-thyroid again, just haven’t been feeling “right” for the last few days. Bah. Blood test again on Thursday morning. Did the vacuuming this morning, finally, and the laundry. This afternoon, before karate, Henry and I went to the drugstore and then to the fabric store — he wanted a pointy green hat for his “Link” costume so we bought some green felt, and also some black fleece so I can try to make boots for him, and I got some really pretty plaid stuff on sale for the lining of the bag I plan to make. And I dropped off my good Gingher shears to be sharpened. And then we went to the park for a while, and then to karate. I started Dan’s second green glove, and during the Antiques Roadshow tonight I got all the way up to the second finger. Just two more and a thumb and then I’ll post pics.

Feb 01 — Yesterday Dan and Sal went bike riding, and I stayed home and knitted and worked on my skirt. In the evening Sal came over and I started a scarf for her to knit, and she played with my iBook and decided that she wants one, and we watched part of “A Fish Called Wanda”. What would Plato do?

Had a good long sleep last night, yay. We went to the Apple store in La Jolla to pick up a new iBook for Sal, then picked up H. Everyone was watching the Superbowl so there was no traffic anywhere. Lovely.

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