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Happy February

February 1st, 2008 — 7:22pm

I’ve been a bit under the weather for the last few days… nothing drastic, just more tired than usual, a bit stuffy/sneezy, tiny cough, dry throat. My eyes are burning a bit tonight. I think it will probably clear up soon though, if it’s the same thing Henry had last week.

Photogamer was lots of fun in January, and I’m delighted to hear that Bre will continue through February! Here’s a screenshot of thumbnails of all my January photos:


You can see them all in greater detail by visiting my Photogamer Jan 2008 set. Most of mine are not great art, but I am quite proud of a few of them. Leave a comment on your favorite!

The DNA socks are coming along and I’ve finally memorized the cable pattern, so I don’t have to take my chart everywhere I go. I turned both heels and have decided on a nice basic cable pattern for the back leg. Here’s what they looked like yesterday, before I started up the leg:


I really hate working from the toe, but I didn’t know how much yarn the cable pattern would eat up so I did them toe-up anyway. Bah. Never again. I plan to enter these in the fair this year, but I will have to figure out a way to block them so they look good. The standard sideways blocking won’t work at all, since all the interest is across the sock front. Maybe I can display them on a fake foot. Knitpicks’ Risata is a lovely yarn, by the way.

Dan and I watched the third episode of Celebrity Rehab this afternoon. Ok, wipe that scorn off your face, it’s really an excellent show, and not some kind of celebrity-massaging ego-trip reality show at all! It’s not the celebrities that are so interesting, they’re just your average disasters, but it’s the way addiction makes them behave, and how Dr. Drew and his team have to manage them that’s so fascinating. It would be just as good if the subjects were ordinary people, but maybe not so easy to sell to a network. Looking forward to episode four! (oh — this is NOT a show for kids, needless to say. However, I look forward to showing it to Henry when he’s 15 or so.)

Ugh, I just sneezed and I’m not sure where my handkerchief went. Henry found it, yay!

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