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two fun events

November 3rd, 2009 — 10:20am

Two weekends ago Henry and I went to the wonderful Tournament of the Phoenix. We had an absolutely wonderful time. Here’s Henry learning some sword techniques:


and trying on some maille:


And then just last Friday, Sally, Chloe, Henry, and I all went to the Wild Animal Park for their new Mule Ride. It was Sally’s birthday present to all three of us! We all had the best time. We rode for nearly 2 hours on 3 1/2 miles of fire-roads out in the undeveloped part of the Park. My mule was Erica, Henry’s was Doc, Sally’s was Jill, and Chloe’s was Tonto. The mules were very sweet and well trained, and our three guides were pleasant and knowledgeable.

Henry took this picture of my mule with the developed part of the park in the distance:


And here’s Henry giving Doc a pat. Doc was the largest mule, probably half Belgian, but very slow and docile.


We would all love to ride the mules again!

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November 2nd, 2009 — 11:16pm

I haven’t told you about the joust, the mule ride, or my knitting and weaving fun. But I’m tired now so all I’ll give you tonight is this handy chart which will help you decide if you’ve got a cold, the seasonal flu, or H1N1:


Henry came home with a dry cough, a stuffy nose, and a headache, so we’ll see…

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The Story of Mankind, ch 48

November 2nd, 2009 — 11:21am

The Story of Mankind, by Hendrik van Loon, read by Kara and Michelle.

48 Russia vs Sweden – 7:55

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The Story of Mankind, ch 47

November 1st, 2009 — 8:51am

The Story of Mankind, by Hendrik van Loon, read by Kara and Michelle.

47 The Rise of Russia – 9:15

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