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July 2001

july 29 — well, hmm, i missed a bunch of days… at some point last week we went to the wild animal park, which was super-great. what else… it’s hot, but life is very very good :) ok i have to go clean the house .july 28 — i was listening to public radio yesterday and they did a story about the current napster situation, and they mentioned several napster alternatives (since napster is dead now). so i tried one of them — KaZaA — and it’s great.

july 25 — i forgot to mention that i’ve been reading the first Harry Potter book to henry! he loves it. we read the first half of chapter seven this morning before breakfast, and we read 5 chapters yesterday. i planned to read it to him this summer because a) i think he’s old enough to enjoy it now and b) i am eager to see the movie (which is coming out in november) and i’d like to take henry but i want him to have read the book first. so i’m really glad he’s enjoying the book.

july 24 — dropped my divorce papers off at the courthouse — i didn’t think we’d get there on time because traffic was hell and they close early, but we made it and i handed in my papers and, wonder of wonders, it seems i filled them out properly, and filled out the RIGHT FORMS (no easy task). $193. ouch.

july 23 — dan’s honda got here today! yay!!!!! he and henry washed it while i went to the store. i made a really good chicken-rice-vegetables thing for dinner. henry and i have been watching star trek (TOS — kirk, spock, etc.) quite often, it’s on every day at 5; today’s episode was Mudd’s Women. heheh, that’s a good one.

july 21 — let’s see, what have i been doing… we went to the zoo a couple nights ago — it was cool and lovely and pleasant. we saw the hippo floating in his pool, we saw the tiger looking like a pile of leaves and rocks on his hillside, we saw the snakes… really nice :) today i made apple pie. oh, here’s an amusing time-waster for you: action figure block party!

july 20 — today was a perfect day. slept in a bit, went to the store… henry was with matthew so dan and i got to relax and watch tv and movies and have a very quiet day. we watched Six Feet Under on HBO, and then most of Star Trek Generations, and at about 11:30pm we took a walk on the beach and there was this wierd phosphorescence which made the crests of the waves glow blueish-green.

july 16 — beatlefair was yesterday! henry and i went in the late afternoon, so we could hear rockola and the fab four. it was really fun. the best part was when tony sheridan come out and played My Bonnie with the fab four… god he’s a cool old guy. we had a great time, henry and i!

july 14 — yesterday dan’s moving van arrived and we unloaded all his stuff into the garage and got all tired out, and he hooked up his big giant tv and satellite dish so today we watched a lot of tv, including saturday night live with U2 playing! oh, and i hooked up the spare monitor he brought for me so now i have no more monitor tragedy.

july 13 — last night we dropped henry off at matthew’s and then went to see the final fantasy movie. we had planned to get back up to the oceanside theater for the 10:25 show but m was a little late so we raced over to the pacific theater in clairmont and made it in time. a little bag of M&Ms cost $3.50 there — but i was so hungry i had to indulge. FF was really good! i enjoyed it a lot. the animation was wonderful. and we saw previews for a spiderman movie which isn’t coming out til next year, apparently, but it looked really exciting, and for the first lord of the rings movie! oh my GOD it looked good. frodo looked/sounded great; i caught glimpses of galadriel, legolas, the nazgul… all i can say is oh my god, i can’t wait i can’t wait i can’t wait!

july 12 — i just made Good Food ™. (pasta with a sauce which included red and green bell peppers and fresh tomatoes, and a lot of mozzarella and asiago cheese mixed in)

july 11 — busy day! henry and i took sally’s car in for a smog check (it passed, yay), then we raced home to make dad’s lunch, then we went out to danny’s for an oil change for my car (oil light was flickering) and then back to stater brothers for groceries, and then we worked on clearing out the garage a bit and i took some stuff over to storage, and then i made dad’s dinner and then we went to the beach, and henry and dan played in the sand and i read my book and watched them. nice day!

july 10 — we took henry to the beach this evening! it was kind of cold, but we played in the water for a while anyway (henry got wet all over) and then we built things in the sand. i made a drip castle, dan made a power plant/prison and henry dug tunnels.

july 8 — we wanted to rent a dvd to watch all together… didn’t think it would be possible to find something that all three of us would enjoy but we found the rocky and bullwinkle movie and it was actually pretty good! good enough, anyway.

july 7 — i’ve been teaching henry to play “set”, a neat logic game. you can see how it works at it’s very easy to make your own set of cards, which i did a long time ago. they just turned up again and henry and i started playing with them — i taught him to play using only one shape — that’s much simpler than using the whole deck. he caught on really fast, and it’s quite fun to play.

july 5 — dan made me watch five episodes of Diff’rent Strokes tonight. lord lord that’s a terrible show! but very funny. nick at night was doing an “un-real-a-thon” and the unreality was quite amazing. it was very fun, and there were “but wait there’s more!” commercials too! and they had adds for “pop-up bradys” which i think is on next wednesday — can’t wait for that, actually.

july 3 — LOL at this 404 page! found it on memepool.

july 2 — we watched star wars twice again today. henry adores it! it was hot and gray and muggy today and made me feel tired. i sewed three more patches on my quilt while we were watching the movie. this is a quilt my mom made when i was about three… i remember her working on it. it’s made of 10″ squares of colorful cloth sewn together and knotted at the corners; it’s not a fancy pieced, quilted quilt. some of the patches are still the original cloth from the early 70s, but as they have worn out over the years i’ve sewn new squares over them — now some of the “new” patches from ten or 15 years ago need to be replaced. it’s looking better now but i left the worst of it for last; there are two areas where three consecutive patches have disintigrated, so that’ll be a bit of a pain. dan was supposed to arrive late tonight but his flight out of albany got delayed so badly that there was no way he could get a connecting flight out of pittsburgh, so the airline gave him a hotel room and booked him on a flight for tuesday morning, so he’ll be here tomorrow around noon!

july 1 — mom’s dog went bananas at dawn (at least it seemed like dawn) and woke me up. ugh. will kara ever get enough sleep? stay tuned… i think i might mend my old quilt today, and play a little rollercoaster tycoon, yay! … later… yeah i actually did mend my quilt a bit, while henry and i watched star wars. i sewed three patches on it, and it needs about ten more. henry loved star wars and now wants to be either darth vader or R2D2 :) i also cleaned my room a lot and got rid of some JUNK.

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