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Our Island Story, ch. 0-5

August 4, 2006
I’m obviously having a hard time remembering to update this page :) I do remember to update my actual podcast, but this page just slips my mind. Sorry ’bout that. Anyway… the current podcast is Our Island Story, by H. E. Marshall. It’s a children’s history of England. Great stuff! Here are the first 6 chapters:

The Stories of Albion and Brutus
The Coming of the Romans
The Romans Come Again
How Caligula Conquered Britain
The Story of a Warrior Queen

The only other thing you’ll miss if you’re not a podcast subscriber is the little message I sent out last week or so… here’s a link. Message from Kara, July 23, 2006. There. Now you’re all caught up. I hope you enjoy Our Island Story!

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