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Is this my new blog?

I was poking around on the internets today and discovered that google’s blogger will let you publish a blog in your own webspace. So I thought I’d just try it out. I’ve been fiddling with it for a couple of hours and this is the result. I’m not happy with any of the templates but this one is fairly inoffensive, for now, and I can create a better one if I decide to stick with blogger.

Reasons to switch to an actual blogging system:

  • Comments (or is that a drawback?)
  • xml feed (has been requested by some of my readers)
  • web-based posting
  • email posting
  • searchable
  • something new to try

Reasons to stick with the old-fashioned, hand-coded-in-vi

  • everything is entirely under my control
  • all subpages match (can I do that with blogger? Maybe if I create a separate blog for each subpage, i.e. audiobooks…)
  • I’m the only blogger on the planet who doesn’t use a System. = special

Mmkay well I’m hungry. More later maybe.

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