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The Magic of Fed-Ex and Indiana

On Monday I read some .gov webpage somewhere that said that travelers re-entering the US from Canada will have to show proof of citizenship, and that a driver’s license is not good enough.  (Sorry, forgot to mention, we’re going to Canada next week.)  Anyway.  The .gov said a birth certificate is good.  Dan has his, but mine was lost long ago.  So on Tuesday morning early I called the Health Department in the state where I was born (Indiana), and they said I’d have to order a replacement through the mail.  This was exactly one week before our departure date.  So I overnight Fed-Exed my form and my check, and enclosed a return overnight Fed-Ex envelope and crossed my fingers.  Best case scenario, it would get to Indiana on Wednesday, they’d ship it back the same day, and I’d get it Thursday (today).  I figured only a minor miracle would allow that to happen, but that I’d still have Friday and Monday as buffer days before our trip.

Imagine my shock when a Fed-Ex envelope showed up today!!  And the good people of Indiana enclosed not only my certified birth certificate (a certified certificate??) but also a smaller one in a plastic cover, also certified and embossed and all.  Small enough to fit in my wallet when we travel.

So that’s one thing I don’t have to worry about anymore.

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