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Good morning. I’ve just created a feedburner feed for this blog, so you can subscribe that way if you wish. Hit the square orange icon on the right. I don’t actually use a feedreader, so let me know if it doesn’t work or something :)

I’ve been doing LibriVox work in bed all morning, since I woke up at about 6:45am . I had two or three recordings submitted so I had to download and organize those. Also had to read through most of the new forum posts and make sure everything was going well. Checked on a reporting of a corrupted file, which must have been user/download error, sounds fine to me. Answered an emailed question from a listener who couldn’t figure out how to download our mp3s. Made a Happy Birthday LibriVox blog post. Yes, LibriVox is officially 1 year old today! I didn’t discover Hugh until September, and that’s when we created the forum and the podcast and things really took off.

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