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1000 errands

Haircut in the morning, new stylist ’cause Dee quit. But it turned out ok! New stylist (Esmerelda) did a good job. My hair is short and straight and tidy now. Wish it would STAY straight and tidy, but it’ll puff up again after I wash it. I just don’t have the patience to spend a half-hour restraightening it very often.

Then to fabric store, looking for fabric for one more pair of comfy pants for myself like the ones I made yesterday so I have something comfortable yet un-ragged to wear on vacation. Got some good green cotton striped stuff. Thought about a linen/rayon blend but they only had solid colors. Stripes will camouflage the inevitable tiny stain better. Also found ONE bolt of mostly-cotton velour, picked up half-yard for a couple more pairs of underwear.

Then to Fry’s for an external hard drive and a headphone splitter/booster.

Then to Guitar Center (bleargh) for Hugh’s mic and mixer. Ernie cut me quite a deal, since they didn’t have exactly what I was looking for. Hideous store. It seems designed for maximum discomfort.

Then to the Barnes and Noble in Escondido for a moleskine notebook (graph-paper style!), and French phrase book, a Montreal guidebook, and a map of Montreal. I’d never been to that store before so I printed out directions from But for the first time ever, as far as I can remember, google failed me. They suggested a bizarre circuitous route with non-existant streets. Eventually I gave up and found the place by instinct alone. Going home, I found that had I only switched freeways and gone one exit further, I would have landed in the parking-lot. Well, now I know.

Then home, finally.

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