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4 hours of sleep

Couldn’t get to sleep last night until about 2am. No idea why, I usually listen to a Loveline episode on my iPod, set for a 15-minute sleep timer, and drop right off. And then I woke up around 6am for no reason. So I felt pretty crappy all day. Took Fargo home, dropped Henry off at his dad’s, came home, did some Librivox administration, and watched Wives and Daughters all afternoon.

Did I link to the amazing LibriVox 1-year Anniversary Special yet? I think not. So here it is:

Amazing. I heard it Thursday for the first time, proof-listening it, and it blew me away. So creative, so well put together. Please listen. If interviews bore you, start at about 15 minutes from the end and listen to the blooper reel, the poem, and the sampler!

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