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Sewing and Settlers

I had a sewing festival today. As I mentioned before, yesterday I cut out three pairs of underwear (blue cotton velour) and one pair of pants (green striped cotton). This morning I cut out a pair of shorts for Henry (same brown/tan stripes as my other pair of pants, had leftover cloth) and then I had a sewing marathon. Listened to three and a half episodes of loveline (Eric Balfour, just Drew, Danny Bonaduce, Carson Daly) and had a fine time. Ran out of elastic but luckily there’s a JoAnne’s practically around the corner. I actually completed all five garments! Woohoo! Having everything cut out ahead of time and ready to stitch together in an assembly line was a real time-saver.

After dinner, Dan and Henry and I played Settlers of Catan — Henry’s first time playing for real, instead of the 2-man version we sometime play. Dan won! Fun :)

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