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Great Museums, Great Metro

After breakfast etc this morning, Dan and I walked a few blocks to the nearest Metro station. Easy to find, clean, bright, airy. Took the metro to the old part of Montreal, got off, walked downhill to the Science Center. The Science Center sold us a couple of Montreal Museum Passes, which will let us ride unlimited public transportation and visit 32 different museums, for three days. Neat! We’ll probably not get quite $40 worth of use out of them, but the convenience of being able to hop on and off the Metro at will, without worrying about fares, is really nice. We spent a long time at the Science Center, then took the Metro to the Olympic Park and went through the Biodome. I’d heard some slightly negative things about the Biodome, but I enjoyed it a lot! It took about an hour to go through. If you’re expecting the San Diego Zoo you might be disappointed, but take it for what it is and it’s lovely. Like walking through a giant terrarium.

Then we took the metro home again. I’m tired. I’ve been lying down for a couple of hours now and I don’t plan to do anything more today :)

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