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Dan and Hugh went off to Hugh’s office so they could work on Collectik and Librivox stuff, so I took myself to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. I really wanted to see the exhibition of “Italian Design and Avant-Garde in the 20th Century”! I had a few small annoying panic attacks on the way, but I forced myself to calm down and managed to get there ok. The museum was wonderful! I went through the Italian exhibit first. I loved it. There were paintings and sculptures, of course, but my favorites were the beautifully-designed everyday items. Olivetti typewriters from the early 30s, a little 1957 Fiat, an early-50s taffeta gown, silverware, advertising posters. After that exhibit I went though the Monet to Renior gallery. Also wonderful. The museum is huge, far too much to see in one visit, and by then I was very tired so I headed home.

In the evening, Hugh and Christine had some friends over, very nice friends, but I was completely exhausted so I just stayed up in our room and read and knitted.

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