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Stewart and Ramazey

Today was the last day of our 3-day museum passes. We went to the Stewart first. It was really hot and humid today and it was kind of a longish walk from the metro station, but it was well worth it! Lots of fascinating historical objects. Dan especially enjoyed the interactive miniature model of old Montreal! After we’d gone through the whole museum, we lay on the grass for a bit and thought about what to do next. I had planned on going to the botanical gardens today but it was just too hot, so we decided to head to the Chalet Ramazey, since it sounded like fun and was also very close to a metro station, heheh. Also a very enjoyable and educational experience! We haven’t been disappointed in any of Montreal’s tourist attractions :)

After that, we were worn out. Got home, ate a cheap but tasty pizza from the corner pizza stand. Hugh got home from his rugby game, also worn out. We rented and watched Peter Jackson’s King Kong, which was hilariously bad. As Hugh said, it was not so much a movie as a collection of things that happened. Lol. I had my knitting to amuse me during the half-hour gorilla/dinosaur battles. Oh my, it was bad bad bad.

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