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Today Dan took me out to buy birthday presents! I decided that I wanted a better recording setup (inspired by the equipment we ferried to Hugh) so we went to Guitar Denter Center. Dan helped me choose a condenser mic and a usb audio interface, so I can avoid my soundcard when recording. I hate Guitar Center. It’s loud and the salesguys are pushy. When we got home and set everything up, it turned out that my mic was probably a returned model (though not sold as such), and the threads were stripped. Nice. So we went back and exchanged it for a shrink-wrapped model, which was suprisingly easy. The whole affair was exhausting, but I did eventually manage to make a couple of sample recordings and I think my new mic is going to be really nice!

Also tinkered with my blog for hours, also listened to Pandora at all times (when I wasn’t recording)!

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