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More Pandora niftiness!

I just noticed Pandora’s “edit station” function. (click the little triangle on your station name). This screen lists the founding artists/songs of your station. You can remove any that you’ve changed your mind about. You can also see which songs you’ve “liked” and “disliked” — again, you can remove them. (e.g. you told pandora you liked a certain song, then heard it a few more times and changed your mind about liking it!)

I listened to my Pete Seeger station all day yesterday and for a while this morning, and added a couple cds to my Amazon Wishlist! (Would have added more but many of the older, more obscure ones were not available. Sigh.) I just decided it was time for a change, so I made a station founded on Benny Goodman and Fred Astaire. Figured that should give me a nice mix of 30s/40s swing/pop. So far I’ve heard Benny, Fred, Nat, Bing, and John Pizzarelli (I’m not on a first-name basis with him, heh).

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