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Forgot to mention that Dan gave me a gift certficate for an ultra-fancy carwash!  I dropped Henry and Fargo (who’s visiting for a couple of days) at Henry’s dad’s house and went down to the carwash place.  It took them an hour and 15 minutes, and my car is super-clean and shiny and nice.  I think I got a teflon wax or something.  Anyway Dan said it was good :)  While I was waiting I walked over to the convenient neaby yarn store (Noble Knits) and felt the luscious yarns.  Mmmmmmm.  I realized I had no cash with which to tip the carwash guys, so I bought a couple skeins of fine cotton/acrylic blend for socks on the debit card, and the nice yarnstore ladies gave me a couple dollars cash back.  There’s a knit-together there tomorrow night.  I might go.  Maybe.

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