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Yesterday I decided we should get rid of half of the big blue sofa.  It’s got two long sections that form a right angle but it’s wayyyyy more seating that we ever need.  So this morning I placed an ad on craigslist – “free sofabed”.  While I was at craigslist I thought I’d look to see if there was a nice dining table — also decided yesterday that we need a better dining table if possible.  And there was a lovely one listed, light-finished wood on top with white legs.  Just right for four.  And it came with 4 chairs also, all for $75.  Woohooo!  So I emailed the table lady and said GIMME!

Then I went upstairs to help Sal with her computer.  We had fun with pandora and firefox for an hour and a half.  Then checked my mail, the table lady replied, said the table was still available, yay!  So I sent her my phone number and waited for her to call.  Meanwhile the phone rang and it was the BBC, wanting to do a live phone interview later today.  Yipe.  While I was on the phone with them, the table lady called back so I had to tell the BBC to call me later, heh.  Mom offered to take her car down to Clairmont to pick up the table & chairs, so I had to figure out a time when the table lady would be home and mom was free, but it worked out eventually.  BBC called back and we chatted for a while, story background I guess. Then I ran to the bank for $75.  Henry and Fargo were entertaining themselves with movies and squirtguns all this time, very good children.  Then got back with 10 minutes to spare before my piano student, hopped in the shower, and went up to wait for her. Oh, meanwhile I had three people email me about the free sofa.  I told Guy #1 he could have it if he could pick it up today.  He said he’d come later in the afternoon with his roommate’s truck.  Student didn’t show.  Mom left around 2 to get my table and got back before HER students at 4.  I sat around waiting for the BBC to call, also sat around waiting for sofa guy to show up.  His roommate was late…  BBC finally called at 5-ish, said there was breaking news and could they do the interview same time tomorrow? Ok, sure.

Sofa guy eventually showed up around 9, brought three friends and a truck, was delighted with the sofabed, and hauled it away, YAY!  Now I can put the two rocking chairs where the old sofa was and it’ll be much nicer.

Dan brought us In-n-Out for dinner and we sat at our new civilized table :)  So happy!

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