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August 2006

09 — Experimental New Blog.

07 — We finished our production of The Importance of Being Earnest today! We’ve been working on it since December 2005 but it’s finished now, finished and cataloged. Funny, I recorded my lines so long ago that I’ve forgotten what they were! All the cast members recorded their lines individually. We had people in the US, in Canada, in Japan, in England, and in Australia taking part. Then Paula, darling Paula, spliced everything together, balanced the sound as best she could, and made it sound like a play. If it weren’t for the little differences in room noise and mic quality, you’d swear we were all in the same room together! I think it’s amazingly successful. I submitted the link to boingboing and they picked it up! Yay boingboing, that’s the site that led me to librivox in the first place.

05 — Rockola performed the entire Revolver album, plus lots more Beatles music, at a wonderfully renovated old theater in North Park. Dan and I went down to help out — Dan did tech for the show and I sat around and knitted and offered advice all day. Heh. We got down to North Park at a little after 10am (traffic was not as bad as we expected) so we got some breakfast at the independant coffee place across the street. Clair de Lune, maybe. Beautiful old building. At 11 we went back across to the theater and Dan helped the band set up and everything. I knitted and watched. Much rehearsing happened. We ran across the street and bought lunch for the band and tech crew, and later Chloe and I went down the street half a block to a pizza place and got pizza for everyone for dinner. Nice guy at the pizza place wheeled 7 XL pizzas and 5 6-packs of sodas back to the theater for us :) Pizza was at about 6pm, then there was more planning and rehearsing before the show started at 7:30. It was a sold out show! I got some photos, will post later. The show was amazing. Too tired now to describe further, maybe tomorrow. But, truly amazing. And the audience loved it. And it went oh so smoothly, despite some rocky moments during rehearsal. Good job, Rockola, as usual! :)

03 — Tired tired tired. I’ll let you know when I’m NOT tired, how about that? Took Henry to the dollar showing of Corpse Bride this morning. Meh. But it was fun anyway. Henry’s a delight at the movies, or anywhere, really. He’s so civilized and pleasant. Then I took him to his dad’s house, then bought groceries at Trader Joe’s. Trader Joe’s always makes me feel cheerful :) Got some sliced fresh mango for a Dan-treat, and fresh pineapple wedges for all of us. Also ingredients for beans-and-rice for tonight (easy) and Shephard’s Pie for tomorrow (harder, but maybe I’ll be less tired. Ha.) Now I’ve caught up on librivox and email and now I think I’ll lie about and rest and maybe play some Harvest Moon. Gamechild or Gamecube… hmm, tough choice. Cube, I guess. Oh wait first I have to attend to a sinkful of dishes. But then rest and fun.

02 — Tired tired endlessly tired. At Margaret’s art class today we looked at Jackson Pollock’s work and then did a couple of nice free drippy splashy projects. Henry LOVED it. He says the art he made today is his favorite of the whole summer, along with his Eat Your Fruit poster. He wrapped his arms around me while he was waiting for his painting to dry and said he was having a wonderful day. Dear sweet Henry! When we got home we both collapsed on the couch and watched a Poirot mystery (The Murder of Roger Ackroyd). Henry loves both Poirot (David Suchet version) and Miss Marple (Geraldine McEwan version). I think I was about his age when I discovered Agatha Christie novels.

This evening, well, early evening, we went out to the Moonlight Amphitheater for The Sounds of Music. Stopped for mexican food first, then got out to the theater about 6:15 and got in line at the gate. We ended up getting a pretty good spot, just left of center and a few levels back from the front. So we sat and ate and read until the show started. Adorable show, of course. Henry was enthralled. His favorite part was when the Nazi officers came shining their flashlights into the audience, looking for the escaping Trapp family. Heh. My favorite part was when the Trapp family performed Lonely Goatherd at the Festival — with extra harmony bits that didn’t make it into the movie. (Henry always wants to discuss Favorite Parts so I always have to PICK one, heheh) Maria was little too cute-cute, but everyone else was great. The show went really late and we got home about 11:30, utterly exhausted.

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