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Shaving Cream

A few days ago I heard a 1940s novelty song called Shaving Cream, by Benny Bell, on my “Pete Seeger” Pandora station. It came on again today while Henry and I were listening together and, as I expected, he loved it :) Here’s a link to the lyrics: Shaving Cream Lyrics and Chords. It’s not on iTunes or Amazon, but you can find the mp3 easily if you just google for it (hint: archive), or listen to my Pete Seeger station and you’ll hear it eventually. I printed out the lyrics for Henry and we sang it together all day. Lol. There’s nothing funnier than Shhhhhhhhh….aving Cream humor when you’re almost 11!

Here’s a song I love: Saginaw, Michigan by Johnny Cash. Adorable. I’d buy it (iTunes HAS that one) if it weren’t for the stupid DRM. And yeah, I know I can defeat the DRM by burning a cd, but it’s the principle of it.

We went out for Henry’s new notebook and mechanical pencils this morning. When we got home, I made him a freezer-paper cover for his notebook and he colored it while I sewed him a roll-up pencil case. Maybe I’ll post a picture tomorrow when I’m not so tired. Henry says he’s really looking forward to going back to Bayshore! We had our EF meeting with Karen today and Henry gave her a big hug :)

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