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Toe-up socks

I’ve started some cotton/acrylic toe-up socks. I actually started them a few days ago, but I wasn’t happy with my first few tries and kept starting over. Now I’m on the right track, though.

  • Plymouth Yarn Wildflower D.K. 51% cotton/49% acrylic 1 skein dark blue, 1 skein cream, each color divided into two equal-sized balls.
  • Skinny gray little dp needles

Pattern: adapted from Footed, Toe-Up Socks and Denise’s Toe-Up Sock.
Here’s what I’ve done so far, just to help me remember and make the other sock the same – not a good idea to try to follow these directions if you’re a beginner! BLUE: CO 8 w/ loop method. K8, turn needle over, K8 in the back of the loops. (16 st)
Inc (twisted YO technique) both sides every round, two times. (24 st). Inc one side only, every row, to 38 st. Then inc same side every other round to 44 st. End of toe.

Start stripe pattern: 3 rows each color. K2P2 rib on top of sock. (K the first round after color change, then rib 2 rounds.)

Here’s my progress so far:

To be continued…

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