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Birthday shopping!

Mom took me out birthday shopping today! We had a great time. We went to Common Threads (1996 called, they want their website back, but the store itself is wonderful) in Encinitas to look at yarn and things, then we got a little bit lost on the way to Barnes and Noble but we found them eventually. Mmmmm yarn and books!
This aftenoon there was some actual quiet, except for the budgies, so I recorded my part for Twelfth Night (The Sea Captain, lol) and two chapters of Our Island Story. Getting some annoying clicking with my new mic setup, even after a reboot, grr, but the sound quality between the clicks is very nice so I guess I can put up with a few clicks. Sigh.

Henry and I were looking through his educational materials and he spotted the Celtic Brooch pattern in the Story of the World activity book. And then he saw the Celtic Double-Bladed Axe project! Go read his blog ( and he’ll tell you all about it. I also read the Ancient Celts chapter of the history book to him, so we covered a lot of edumacational ground today, and will have some “work samples” to give to Karen. Lol, “work samples”. So lame, so pointless. But we play the game nicely because Henry likes the people and classes at Bayshore ;-)

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