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Blue swirls and TV interview

This morning Henry and I went out to get something to paint blue swirly designs on his body, so he could be a Celtic Warrior (Last night he followed directions in the Story of the World activity book for a double-bladed axe, a dragon brooch, and a cloak.) We thought of blue body paint, but the costume store didn’t open til 10 and we were out at 9:30. So we went to Target and bought Crayola washable markers. They worked great. Henry drew blue swirls all over himself and posed for photos in his Celtic Warrior costume:

A nice fellow from Channel 10 news, Kyle Majors, came over this afternoon to do a quick interview about LibriVox for the Tech news spot. He was super-nice and geeky enough to know what is. Also he’s a Mac guy, heheh, so he gets automatic cool points. He asked better-than-average questions. The spot will probably air on Monday or Tuesday. I’ll let you know how it turns out…

This afternoon Henry and I did a lot more projects out of the History activity book! I read him the first chapter, Fall of the Roman Empire, and the rest of the second chapter about the Celts and how Vortigern invited the Angles and the Saxons to Britain. Then we made a cookie-dough Ruined Roman Column (and some cookies, too) and colored a map page. Henry likes the little tests so we did a couple of those too. We had so much fun doing projects together! I’m really tired now, but at least I had enough energy to do projects for a few hours :)

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