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The weather has changed!  Autumn is on the way!  It’s still mainly warm in the daytime but I’ve been taking a sweatshirt with me when I go out because it’s chilly (to me) in the shade sometimes, and the nights are cool.  My feet are cold all the time again, and I’ve been wearing the brown wool toe-up socks I made last year.  I finished one of my blue and white cotton socks this afternoon, too tired to get up and take a picture though.  And now I suppose I should make the other one to match, except what I really want to do is use some of my new green Jawoll sock yarn and make some nice wool socks, maybe lace or cable for a change.  but I really should finish the cotton socks.  Here’s what I hate: self-patterning sock yarns.  Eww.  I’ll do my own patterning, thanks.  My nearest LYS has a big basket full of nice skinny wool-blend sock yarns — but not a solid color in the basket!  All nasty self-patterning stuff.  Bleah. So I went to the further LYS for nice solid Jawoll.

Tired tired tired.  The budgies went bananas early this morning and woke Henry and me up, but we had a nice morning anyway.  Made him a blintz and read The Talking Parcel to him on the porch until his dad came to pick him up for the weekend.  Then I came in, put the birds in the laundry room, re-installed my USB mobilepre drivers (trying to get rid of obnoxious clicking — it worked!), and recorded 4 more chapters of Our Island Story.  Jim is done with his half and I just need to read 7 more short chapters and then we’ll be done!  So exciting.  Henry started listening via my podcast the other night, and got up in the morning brimming with excitement.  He loves it!   He was telling me all about Vortigern’s exploits :)

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