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Pirates and Cake

Busy and fun day.  Henry and I went out to do errands, including returning a book to the library.  While we were there he asked a very nice children’s librarian for recommendations. He told her his favorite books and she led him around and helped him pick out a good stack of the dark fantasy books he loves so much.  He’s a reading machine lately.  He started on A Wind in the Door right away in the car (lucky guy can read in the car without getting sick).

In the afternoon I helped him record more Pirate’s Chorus parts for librivox’s Pirates of Penzance production.  I tried again to record Ruth but my voice is just not good enough.  Sigh.  So I gave up on that and passed the part along to someone else.  Before my students came we baked a cake, too.  Then I taught, then took him to karate and watched the class for a change, then came home and made dinner, which was brown rice, stir-fried veggies, and Trader Joe’s Hawaiian Beef, yummy!  Plus cake for after of course :)

Dan and I started watching Survivor Thailand last night so tonight we get to watch the second episode.  It’s wonderfully soothing bedtime television.

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