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Today was Henry’s Birthday Party. It was very nice — 10 fun and friendly children (including Henry), swimming, general playing, pizza, cherry pie, ice cream, a pinata. I think everyone had a really nice time. It only lasted from 3 to 6 but wiped me out completely. I’m a typical introvert — it makes me feel exhausted and rather ill to be in a crowd of people for any length of time, no matter how pleasant they are. Henry’s dad took Henry and Fargo back to his house to spend the night so now I’ve got some quiet again. Maybe I’ll feel better tomorrow.

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  1. Gina

    Ah, i’m glad Henry had a good party. Wish him happy birthday for me even though he has no clue who i am. *smiles* Hope you and Dan are well, and hope to hear from ya soon.

  2. Kathy

    Oh wow, Kara, you were so brave to do that!

    Happy Birthday to Henry-the-boy! Double digits!!!! Oh my word.

  3. beck

    Seriously. Having people over and being a hostes makes me want to run far away. Good for you and glad it was a success!

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