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I decided, instead of starting a new solo project right away, to help with some of LibriVox’s collaborative projects.  Since I’m a huge fan of The Great Gatsby (which was, alas, published just a bit too recently to rise into the public domain) I decided to help with our production of This Side of Paradise, which I’ve never read.  The Book Coordinator has divided the rather long chapters into nicely-sized sections.  I read a half-hour chunk yesterday, and a 40-minute chunk today.  Though I’ve only dipped into the beginning in a couple of places, I’m really enjoying it, and have signed up for yet another section.  This afternoon, as I was proof-listening my second recording (which described Amory’s life at college, the car-wreck in which one of his friends died, and his first kiss with Isabelle), Henry came downstairs to work on a new cardboard sword and shield (Zelda-style) so I unplugged my headphones and let Fitzgerald pour into his brain.  He said he really liked it, and asked if I’d recorded any more chapters, so afterward I played the first section that I’d recorded.  Wonderful.

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